We've made it easy for you to get the ball rolling with laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal can also be very effective in treating stubborn ingrown hairs that traditionally follow waxing, tweezing or shaving. Considering all three of these methods are also time consuming, adopt a more effective method in the treatment of unwanted body hair with laser hair removal.
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Cherrece Salmon-Shirley
Medical Aesthetician
Hello, I am Cherrece Salmon-Shirley, Medical Aesthetician here at the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre.
I studied at the 'Face Place institute of Aesthetics' and 'Leons School of Beauty'. My main areas of study are Spa Therapy, Dermatology, Anatomy, Osteology, Myology, Trichology and Onychology. I have also acquired certification from the 'Laser Training Institute' (a division of the “Professional Medical Education Association INC.) and also the 'Dermal Training Institute' (Dermalogica) and am a Licensed Therapist with the Board of Health in Kingston Jamaica. I've had the privilege of working with the“Jamaica Cancer Society' in doing survivor's makeovers.
Beauty and wellbeing is my first priority in this ever changing world, where society places an exorbitant amount of value on the physical appearance of themselves and of others. Everyone wants to look younger, slimmer, etc. and with new and innovative technology, that is now being accomplished- if I may quote Oprah Winfrey, "I'm not one to get hung up on numbers, but if you want to say 60 is the new 40, I'll take that; you can be and do whatever you want, thanks to exercise and hair color” and at NMAC, exercise and hair are just a miniscule number of treatments we have to offer in being a catalyst for physical & beauty enhancement.
Some of the treatments I have had the pleasure of administering for the past 2 years at NMAC are:
US & RF Slimming and Tightening
Working with our clients to fulfill their needs is my utmost priority and is something I take very seriously. I endeavor daily to administer successful and satisfactory treatments to each client on an individual basis.