Heart disease is one of the ten leading causes of death
in the world.
Know your heart:
Check out these 5 Tips to a Healthy Heart, a message from The Bermuda Heart Foundation:
Lots of Energy
One of the early signs of heart problems is chronic fatigue or tiredness. So if you are full of energy to go partying after a hard day at work, your heart is perfectly sound.
Perfect Heart Rate
You can check your heart rate by feeling your pulse. The correct heart rate for a healthy person should be 72 beats per minute. But anything between 70 to 80 beats indicates a healthy heart.
Even Breathing
People who have a weak heart suffer from uneven breathing. If you are grasping for breath after climbing staircases, then you are not quite healthy.
Strong Nerve
The ability to remain calm in stressful situations also means your heart is strong. Weak hearted people lose their cool and often sweat when they are stressed.
Regular Check On Blood Pressure
You should keep a tab on your blood pressure regularly. The perfect blood pressure would be120/80.
No Tightness Around The Chest
A majority of people feel some tightness or pain in their chest from time to time. These are sometimes categorized as low intensity heart attacks. If you don't experience these symptoms, then your heart is as strong as a horse.
No Murmurs
When the doctor checks your vitals, he/she will hear the sounds of your heart with a stethoscope. A steady heart beat without murmurs is a sign of good heart health.
Always preserve the graphs of your echocardiograms. When you compare the two, there should be minimum change to indicate that your heart is consistently healthy.
Healthy Weight
Obesity is one of the main causes of heart problems. So if your weight is under control, half your worries are gone.
No Extra Cholesterol
You must check your blood for cholesterol and triglycerides from time to time, especially when you cross 30. If your blood reports are normal you can breathe free.
Stress Test
The treadmill test or stress test is one of the best ways to tell if your heart is under pressure. You must do the stress test every year after you turn 30.
Physical Activity
The ability to perform physical activity is one of the signs of a healthy heart. If you can play 3 rounds of squash or a game of table tennis without any heartache then you have no worries.