If you are the type of person who makes but never keeps New Year's resolutions, these suggestions can help you make healthy and attainable goals this year.
1. Don't abandon the idea of setting resolutions, because you have broken them in the past.
2. Do be unrealistic.
3. Don't make too many resolutions. Pick one or two themes that are most important to you, and set reachable goals within these areas.
4. Don't set resolutions where success is based upon factors beyond your control.
5. Do set resolutions based upon your own wishes, desires, goals, and dreams and not those of society or those persons close to you.
6. Do plan intermediate goals if it helps you maintain control. Achieving smaller goals also gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation for the bigger projects.
7. Do use the buddy system. Rely on your friends to support you in your resolutions, and do the same for your friends.
8. Do plan a reward for yourself when the resolutions, or intermediate goals, are met
  Extracts from Medicinenet.com
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