NMAC Welcomes you to 2016!

Year after year we make resolutions to exercise regularly, eat well, and give up smoking and other bad habits. Following such basic rules can cut heart disease risk by 80 percent, diabetes risk by 90 percent and cancer risk by 50 percent, but most of us fail to keep our promises to ourselves.

Here are 5 Quick Tips To Making And Sticking To A Healthy New Year’s Resolution

Be Realistic - Aim for one or two goals that are sensible and attainable. By giving yourself enough time and resources to accomplish your resolution, you’ll set yourself up to be successful.
Make Room in Your Routine
Get Others Involved - Research has shown that people who have support are the most successful at diet and exercise programs.
Focus on ONE step at a time
Reward Yourself - Giving yourself little rewards allows you to celebrate your progress and motivated you to keep working towards that resolution!
Probably the most frightening three words you could ever hear are “you have cancer.” But cancer is not the automatic end of life sentence that it once was. There are newly emerging treatments in the war against cancer. Many of these therapies are in the field of alternative medicine.

For example research shows that a particular type of diet is effective against cancer. Do you know the one dietary change that you should immediately make if you are diagnosed with cancer?

It’s known that patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy can experience devastating side effects. But did you know there are nutrients you can take to alleviate the destruction of your healthy cells while undergoing cancer treatment?

We know that cancer resists being destroyed. But we also believe that there is pH range that in which cancer cells cannot survive. How can you use this information to make your body an unwelcome host to cancer?

The alternative approach to treating cancer involves the use of diet, plants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in combination with adopting a healthy lifestyle. Using this approach in combination with conventional treatments it is referred to as “complimentary medicine.”

These methods may seem just too simple to be true. You might ask yourself why there isn’t more open discussion about it. But did you know that many major cancer treatment centers around the world are using complementary and alternative medicine in the war against cancer? These treatments include acupuncture, nutritional medicine, and stress relieving therapies such as meditation and yoga.

There are thousands of scientific research studies from all over the world that identify natural substances that help heal cancer. A Google search will turn up hundreds of websites claiming to reveal the one and only magical cure. But the truth is there is no magic bullet against cancer, and no single therapy is guaranteed to cure any cancer.

The field of oncology is vast and complicated. Attempting to cure your cancer using layman’s information is taking a huge risk with your life. Are you equipped to sift through this information overload and identify what might really put you on the road to cancer recovery?

Then there is the question of why do we get cancer in the first place. Do you know what the risks are? Without a doubt there are items in your home right now that cause cancer. Substances that you put in or on your body every day.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to potentially avoid ever getting cancer?

On January 23rd and 24th, 2016 join me at Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center for a weekend symposium where you will have the opportunity to explore these questions in detail at an affordable cost. You will learn more than you ever could have imagined about alternative medicine and cancer.

No one is more important to your survival than you. You have to believe that cancer remission is possible. Knowledge and information are the keys that will unlock your belief.

I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer 17 years ago. I survived. Along my healing journey I learned a lot about cancer. I vowed to share this life-saving information with others.

Come and hear my story and the survival stories of other cancer victors. Learn how to increase your odds at surviving and thriving over Cancer!