BERMUDA NEWS: Bermuda Hero Award from AME Church Lay Organization awarded to Dr Kyjuan Brown of NMAC


Dr Kyjuan Brown was honored as a Bermuda Hero by Bethel AME Church for his community service and commitment to innovative healthcare solutions! Everyone was in tears yesterday during the Lay Organization's service. Dr Brown was 1 of 2 persons who received this award.

"It is not easy...but to much is given much is expected...I learned that here at Bethel...I am forever grateful for my staff...with God all blessings flow..."

He sends this award out to all of his staff past and present who have helped him and NMAC become the reliable healthcare solution for Bermuda and her people.

Dr Brown posted on Facebook today "Thank you to the Bethel AME Lay Organization for the recognition of my service to Humanity. I was truly surprised and honored, for the road I have been called to travel is Not Easy! There are many days I feel as if I don't have the energy to continue… All I can say is to God Be All The Glory!"

Bethel AME tells Dr Brown through music "You are doing a good job, don't let the world get you forth, you are my hero."

He also had a patient testimony from Sis Francine Lee, a member of Bethel whose life he saved when others said she couldn't be saved.

These are the type of untold daily miracles we perform here at Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center. NMAC would like to thank all of their healthcare heros for working with them and all of their patients for trusting them.