• Dr Brown's Interview with BBC News Extra's Grae Minors: Discussing Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

  • DR AMANI FLOOD ON 'ASK THE DOCTOR' THE DAILY HOUR 'How to monitor our sugar as we age'

  • Watch: Doctor’s quick thinking helps TV host’s voice for live broadcast

    An island doctor sprang to the assistance of NBC Today Show host Hoda Kotb as she started to lose her voice, jeopardising her performance on a live broadcast from Bermuda.

    Kyjuan Brown, the owner of Northshore Medical and Aesthetics, delivered a shot to the television personality, which helped her to continue co-hosting two episodes of the Hoda & Jenna Trippin’ travel series that showcased the island.

    Ms Kotb and cohost Jenna Bush Hager gave Dr Brown, an invited audience member, a shout-out for the timely intervention.

    "Dr Brown came to my rescue at a critical moment, ensuring not just my health but the continuation of our show," Hoda remarked during the live recording.

    A spokeswoman for the physician said: “Renowned as the doctor to celebrities, Dr Brown was invited as a guest on the show.

    “However, Dr Brown's role took an unexpected turn just a day prior when he was urgently called upon to provide medical assistance to host Hoda Kotb, ensuring her ability to participate in the live broadcast.”

    Later in the show, co-host Ms Bush Hager, the daughter of former US president George W. Bush, also thanked the doctor for his role in saving the day.

    Responding to the accolades, Dr Brown said: "A doctor is never off duty but I am happy to serve and be a part of this amazing experience."

    The spokeswoman added: “Dr Brown's exemplary commitment and swift action not only safeguarded the health of one of our beloved hosts but also ensured the smooth execution of the Bermuda Bash Today Show episode, contributing to its overwhelming success.”

  • Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown: The Unsung Hero of The Today Show’s “Bermuda Bash” Episode

    In an unforgettable episode of NBC’s “Today Show”, filmed live at the stunning Loren Hotel, Dr. Kyjaun H. Brown proved instrumental in ensuring the show’s success under unforeseen circumstances.

    Renowned as the doctor to celebrities, Dr. Brown was invited as a guest on the show hosted by Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager. However, Dr. Brown’s role took an unexpected turn just a day prior when he was urgently called upon to provide medical assistance to host Hoda Kotb, ensuring her ability to participate in the live broadcast.

    Before the episode commenced, an appreciative Hoda publicly thanked Dr. Brown for his timely intervention. “Dr. Brown came to my rescue at a critical moment, ensuring not just my health, but the continuation of our show,” Hoda remarked during the live taping.

    Later in the show, co-host Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush and Laura Bush, also expressed her gratitude towards Dr. Brown for his pivotal role in saving the day.

    Responding to the accolades, Dr. Brown humbly commented, “A doctor is never off duty, but I am happy to serve and be a part of this amazing experience.”

    Dr. Brown’s exemplary commitment and swift action not only safeguarded the health of one of our beloved hosts but also ensured the smooth execution of the “Bermuda Bash” Today Show episode, contributing to its overwhelming success

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  • The Daily Hour (Episode 901) The Importance of Reducing Stress

    Dr. Katherine Dale of NMAC stops by for this segment of Ask the Doctor to discuss the importance of reducing stress.

    Did you know stress and anxiety can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol? Learn to reduce your stress & lower your blood pressure and cholesterol!!

    Plus, learn about her Self Love Retreat that starts next week...

  • Dry January 'Popular Sleep Health Trend: 'Sleep Girl Mocktail' Dr Katherine Dale


    How good is your gut?

    by NMAC Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Katherine Dale

    Gut health isn’t always pleasant to talk about. This may be because the symptoms of an unhealthy gut can include diarrhoea, constipation or bloating – all of which can be embarrassing to admit. But, we mustn’t ignore them. Our guts “say” and “know” more than we realise, and it isn’t just physical.

    That feeling in the “pit of your stomach” telling you something is wrong; a “gut reaction” where you didn’t have time to think; “butterflies in your stomach” when you are nervous – this is our gut communicating with our brain.

    Read more online How good is your gut? - RG Magazines (

  • Bermuda BBC evening News Interview with Dr Kyjuan Brown

    Bermuda BBC evening News Interview with Dr Kyjuan Brown on "The rise of respiratory illnesses in the community".

    Part 1 aired Video | Facebook

    Part 2 aired: January 2nd 2024 Initial broadcast by BBC here

  • Bermuda's Issues & Importance of SEXUAL HEALTH with DR KATHERINE DALE ON THE DAILY HOUR - YouTube

    Did you miss The Daily Hour segment last month with Dr Katherine Dale on sexual health?

    If you did, watch the recap here because she discusses serious sexual related issues and solutions that we face here in Bermuda.

    Experiencing stress? Pressure? Emotional challenges? Other issues? Watch to see how important your sexual health is to your overall health.

    Watch Here

    Need to book an appointment with Dr Dale to discuss? Click here

  • EG5 a new variant of COVID-19 is highly transmissible...

    EG5 a new variant of COVID-19 is highly transmissible and the World Health Organization is keeping a close eye on its progress. The symptoms are largely the same as other variants and doctors believe anti-virals currently available should be able to treat it. Eloisa Mayers spoke with Dr. Kyjuan Brown of NorthShore Medical for an update on the latest strain.

  • Jade Richardson, NMAC Scholarship Recipient & SGU Medical Student Interviews on The Daily Hour

  • Photos/Video: Northshore Medical Open House

    [Updated] Dr Kyjuan Brown and Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] held a special event to celebrate their 10th anniversary this weekend, with a meet and greet, awards presented, an art mural unveiled and more.

    Speaking at the event, Premier David Burt commended Dr Brown for establishing “this incredible facility that has provided high quality healthcare services to its patients and fulfilling careers to all that joined the staff.”

    Update 12.00pm: A spokesperson said, “Saturday, July 15th 2023, Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center [NMAC] celebrated 10 years of service on their 7 Northshore Road, Devonshire campus featured by various celebrity guests from The Hon. Premier David Burt, Deputy Premier Hon. Walter Roban, Rev. Dr. Milton Burgess, JP, Chairman Dr. Rev. Carlton Crockwell, and local Designer Shanna Hollis. The event also consisted of their patients, clients, staff both current and alumni, vendors, Board members, those they sponsor in the community, neighbours, Dr Brown’s family and friends, and the Bermuda community at large.”

    Premier David Burt said in his presentation “It is a pleasure and honor to be here on behalf of the Government of Bermuda to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center. I would also like to acknowledge the Deputy Premier and MP for this constituency where NMAC is located, Hon. Walter Roban. For a decade now this institution has served our island moulding health, wellbeing and providing innovative, modern and scientific expertise. Now I remember when [Dr] Kyjuan came back, it was more than 10 years ago…he was a Founders Day speaker for the Progressive Labor Party 2011, and since that time, 10 years ago he established his expertise and vision that has provided high quality to its patients and fulfilling careers for his staff. To this PLP Government, few things make us prouder than seeing a not so young anymore but young, black successful business owner not only thriving but providing opportunities for other Bermudians. Do you know how many staff are here at NMAC? There are 52 [staff], I just spoke to the HR Manager who was very pleased that her payroll tax was cut, so that’s it. So at a time when teamwork, collaboration, and medical expertise were needed, during what we went through over the last 3 years, Dr Brown worked hand in hand with the government to help our country navigate through the pandemic. I thank him for his efforts, leadership, sometimes pushing against the grain, he asked the government to move and change and adjust the policies. I thank him for his unwavering commitment for the health of our population. So on behalf of the government and the people of Bermuda, I extend our gratitude to you Dr Brown, to your Board, and to all of your staff for reaching this incredible milestone. We thank you for giving back to the community, as your uncle [Rev Milton Burgess] mentioned you are not only a business owner but you also give back to the community in many different ways and that is something that should also be recognized. We all know from the line where you come from, I see [your grandfather] Norris Burgess back there as well from the Burgess family, it’s like entrepreneurship is imprinted in your DNA, you come from a family of entrepreneurs and I just want to say that your achievements are a shining example when how hard work, passion and determination all come together. So as I close, congratulations to all the doctors, scientists, technicians, admin and support staff, who work in this fine institution and for the work in which you give to help the health of our community. Your dedication to serving our community is commendable and I want to say, thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you this afternoon and may Northshore Medical live on for many more years to come.”

    The spokesperson said, “Over the past decade Northshore Medical Center is grateful for their journey of growth, transformation and service to Bermuda and her guests. NMAC went from 1 room and 10 staff in 2013 to now in 2023 to over 60 staff working both locally and remote. Their vision is to be Bermuda’s one-stop-shop harmonizing health, wellness and beauty while specializing in delivering results. The event highlighted the struggles, innovation and integration naturopathic medicine into Bermuda for a holistic healthcare model with Dr Amani Flood and Dr Kyjuan H Brown. NMAC also has the only hair and restoration clinic on island called Salon B, with Trichologist Sheri. J Burgess. NMAC has the only full-time consultant Rheumatologist on island with Dr Fermin Gonzalez, who is also an Internist. Dr Brown also recognized many staff alumni, which are staff who he trained, and/or gave scholarships, paid for their training and gave them an opportunity when others wouldn’t who came to NMAC and then graduated out to go back to school and/or to then be hired as managers/leaders at local institutions. One of those staff alumni are Ms Lindsay Lodge who was a long-serving staff member instrumental in establishing our Northshore Medical Laboratory, and which has been accredited with distinction for 3 years. Dr Brown also recognized two other long-serving staff who have been there since day 1 when they launched the practice In 2013 and who are still there, which are Consultant Marketing Director Kennette J Burgess of FOCUS Marketing & Development Solutions who created the name, logo, branding, website, social media and sales aids for the launch back in 2013 and Chef Jason Devon Patrick, our chef and facilities manager.”

    Dr Kyjuan Brown said, “We are nothing without dedicated staff that serve the people of Bermuda for their Healthcare, wellness, and beauty needs. Thank you to our wonderful staff and also staff Alumni who have helped with this vision.” The spokesperson said, “The Northshore Medical Center providers also held a meet and greet and spa tour, Dr Kyjuan Brown also introduced them for their achievements, the team consists of:

    • Dr Amani Flood, Naturopathic Doctor
    • Dr Katherine Dale, Naturopathic Doctor
    • Dr Fermin Gonzalez, Rheumatology & Internist
    • Dr Paula Estwick, Primary Care
    • Jocelyn Nzabalinda, Physiotherapy
    • Cherrece Salmon-Shirley, Certified Medical Aesthetician
    • Sheri J. Burgess , Certified Trichologist & Cosmetologist”

    “After the special guests spoke and blessed the building, gave awards to staff and Dr Kyjuan Brown in NMACs private courtyard, the event transitioned to the parking deck with glorious oceanic views on Northshore to proudly unveil their magnificent mural, “Harmonizing Health, Beauty, and Well-being: Specializing in Results,” marking a milestone in their 10th anniversary celebration at Northshore Medical Center. Dr Kyjuan Brown said that “This breathtaking artwork captures the essence of our commitment to integrative wellness and exceptional outcomes. As we stand in awe of its vibrant colors and meaningful symbolism, we invite you to embark on a journey where health, beauty, and well-being intertwine harmoniously. Let this mural inspire you to embrace the transformative power of holistic care.” The mural was created by local Bermudian artists Shanna Hollis Designs and Jahbarri Wilson.

    “The event also consisted of delicious food from Chef Patrick, Xyla’s Photo 360 booth, photo presentations, spa facility tours, multiple raffle giveaways from local sponsors and gift vouchers from our providers and music. The event ended as every Bermudian event should, with the Gombeys to celebrate and dance us out.”

    Dr Brown continued, “We celebrated a momentous milestone as Northshore Medical Center turned 10! Reflecting on the journey from our humble beginnings to becoming a trusted healthcare provider, we are grateful for the privilege of serving our community. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported us along the way. Your trust and encouragement have been invaluable. Cheers to a decade of making a positive impact on lives!”

  • Northshore Medical Centre celebrates tenth anniversary

    Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre celebrated its tenth anniversary last weekend, going from ten employees in 2013 to 60 now.

    The centre, which is on North Shore Road in Devonshire, describes itself as a medspa and is committed to integrative wellness and exceptional outcomes.

    It offers a wide range of services, including weight-loss treatment programmes, body contouring, laser slimming, ultrasound slimming, skin tightening, hair restoration, Botox, chemical peels, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and muscle sculpting.

    It also offers Covid-19 testing, health and nutrition coaching, naturopathic medicine, rheumatology, physiotherapy, sports medicine, pain management services and sexual wellness services.

    For the tenth anniversary celebration, dignitaries and celebrity guests were hosted, and spa tours were provided.

    Guests included David Burt, the Premier, the Deputy Premier, Walter Roban, and the Reverend Milton Burgess. The artist Shanna Hollis also attended.

    Mr Burt said: “It is a pleasure and honour to be here on behalf of the Government of Bermuda to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre.

    “Congratulations to all the doctors, scientists, technicians, admin and support staff who work in this fine institution and for the work in which you give to help the health of our community. Your dedication to serving our community is commendable, and I want to say thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you this afternoon, and may Northshore Medical live on for many more years to come.”

    Kyjuan Brown said: “We are nothing without dedicated staff that serve the people of Bermuda for their healthcare, wellness and beauty needs. Thank you to our wonderful staff and also staff alumni who have helped with this vision.”





    Our Dr Katherine Dale discusses the health concerns of vaping or e-cigarettes on the Monday evening news....


  • Dr dale on the Daily Hour



    APRIL 28 2023?


  • Dr dale -Naturopathic Doctor

    Dr. Kathrine Dale

    Naturopathic Doctor

    1. Acupuncture
    2. Natural Medicine
    3. Healthy Clean Living
    4. Yoga & Meditation
    5. Spinal Manipulation
    6. Weight Loss
    7. Colon Hydrotheraphy
    8. IV Drip Therapy
    9. Therapeutic Massage
    10. Sleep Issues
    11. Detox & Digestive Health
    12. Sports Medicine

  • Scan Feet, Save Limbs, Save Cost, Save Lives

    (Bermuda)- Your mobility as you get older is a critical factor in enjoying your quality of life. With the support of the Bermuda Health Council’s “Innovation Program – Digital Health Solutions” a new technology has been introduced to Bermuda during 2022 which aims to keep you on your feet and enjoying life.

    Bermudians unfortunately have a high rate of diabetes in our adult population and one of the problems that diabetes can bring is increasing loss of feeling (neuropathy) in your feet. This means that the risk of developing serious foot problems such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) is greatly increased as you often don’t notice the problem building up in time for simple non-surgical clinical interventions to be effective. Typical DFU patients often require hospital visits with surgical amputation with far too many patients succumbing to repeated hospital visits with additional surgical interventions leading often to a significantly shortened life expectancy.

    A project to assess the benefits of a new high-resolution foot-scanning technology called the Podium Professional was initiated by Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director of Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center (NMAC) with the support of Dr. Neil Moncrieff and his team at the Bermuda Podiatry Centre. The project launched one year ago and has been scanning patients’ feet ever since. The scans are fast and can reveal areas on the foot where hotspots or temperature differences between feet support clinical specialists in their diagnostic work. These images have also revealed where a patient was incorrectly diagnosed off-island and the clinicians were able to put this right and get the patient onto a better, more effective care pathway.

    Dr Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director of Northshore Medical Center confirmed that "As we know, with the increasingly high rate of diabetes on this island as well as its complications of diabetic ulcers and amputations, early detection is key as many of these complications are reversible. I was glad that Northshore Medical Center was considered for this pilot study due to our advancement in technology and innovation in healthcare. It speaks volumes for my staff and is a great outlook for healthcare in Bermuda overall. Our pilot study took place for 1 year, following 15 patients over this period with results showing promise as it relates to early detection and management of contributing factors. This is great news because it will save limbs and save money overall.

    Dr. Neil Moncreiff, Podiatrist and owner of Bermuda Podiatry Centre also was part of the trial and had this to say to us about their success “Using the Podium Professional in clinic has meant that some of our patients have successfully avoided their condition developing to surgical intervention! Scanning feet really does save lives.”

    The results in Bermuda have joined projects at other sites in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. In Bermuda the results have been impressive not only in regard to supporting diagnoses and treatment pathway selection for the patients but also in helping to educate the patients as to their foot conditions with impressive pictures highlighting areas of concern inside the patients’ feet. Over time, the thermal imagery also clearly demonstrates to the patients the benefits of remaining compliant with the advice of their clinicians, a critical factor in keeping them out of hospital!

    The success of the initial project can not only be measured in terms of patient satisfaction and better longer-term pain -free mobility chances but also in financial benefit to the islands’ healthcare system. Even if we only consider the small number of patients whose feet have been scanned in this initial trial, the improved treatment pathway selection has meant that some of these patients have successfully been able to avoid their problems developing to the stage that a surgical intervention was the only solution. Effectively, these cost avoidances mean that the trial paid for itself within the first 12 months of operation.

    The participants are now looking to expand the trial across the island with more staff trained in the new technology and more appointment slots available.

    For more information please contact: Wayne at Podium Professional on 1(441)514-2885

    About NorthShore Medical Center (Campus)

    We are Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center (NMAC), Bermuda's premier Medspa, provides Family Medical and Primary Care Dermatological services for men, women and youth as well as TCD Physicals. Along with the existing and highly successful, Weight Loss treatment programmes and many Aesthetic Services including Body Contouring by Laser Slimming, Ultrasound Slimming and Skin Tightening Treatments, Dr Kyjuan Brown has further enhanced his Practice with the addition of many new services including Microdermabrasion, Hair Restoration, Botox, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair removal, Spot & Tattoo Removal, Freeze-Sculpting, Muscle Sculpting, and Dermafrac Treatments. Other Aesthetic Procedures include Vein Treatments (Sclerotheraphy), Acne Scar, Skin Tag, Scars & and Keloid Removal. We also have MDL that specializes in on-site and mobile Laboratory services. We also offer Covid-19 Testing, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Naturopathic Medicine, Rheumatology, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Pain management services, sexual wellness services and so much more. You can't forget Bermuda’s only hair and scalp clinic located upstairs, Salon B, for those who want to grow their hair, need hair restoration, or want hair styling and barbering services. There is also a pharmacy on site for your convenience! The newly renovated, wheel-chair accessible location with ample parking features spacious waiting rooms, ergonomically designed with relaxing mood lighting, comfortable seating, additional patient rooms, new high-end medical equipment and private patient reception and consultation areas and exits. The soothing color palette is complimented by a natural stone water wall which provides added tranquillity. Natural teas and healthy and refreshing fruit-infused water can also provided complimentary. The best part is the view of the Northshore which relaxes our clients and patients after a stressful day.

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center cares about its community, often you will find us hosting FREE Medical assessments, sponsoring community events and facilitating health education seminars and retreats island wide. Don't forget our many VIP services for seniors and those home bound, yes we make house calls as well! We take pride in serving the people of Bermuda and being your Community MedSpa (Medical Spa) one-stop-shop!

    Dr Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director of Northshore Medical Center confirmed that "As we know, with the increasingly high rate of diabetes on this island as well as its complications of diabetic ulcers and amputations, early detection is key as many of these complications are reversible. I was glad that Northshore Medical Center was considered for this pilot study due to our advancement in technology and innovation in healthcare. It speaks volumes for my staff and is a great outlook for healthcare in Bermuda overall. Our pilot study took place for 1 year, following 15 patients over this period with results showing promise as it relates to early detection and management of contributing factors. This is great news because it will save limbs and save money overall.

    Read the story here:

  • Northshore Medical Center Offers Both Coronavirus Vaccines

    Northshore Medical Center wants to inform the public that we offer both the Moderna Spikevax Bivalent and Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines. We believe this offering will further advance the health and safety of Bermuda.

    A representative said, “We are encouraging the public to continue getting their vaccinations to keep themselves and their families safe. Your vaccine is as essential as you are. We are excited at the responses from our patients, who were excited that we are providing them with this option on our campus, their one-stop shop. Especially excited are our senior population, those immunocompromised, with chronic conditions, and our healthcare workers.”

    The cost of these vaccinations are $30 and only available by online appointment. For questions and assistance to schedule an appointment, please call 293-5476 or email Northshore Medical Center is located at 7 NorthShore Road, Devonshire. For more information visit

    Northshore Medical Center offers two vaccines to Bermuda’s residents who meet the following criteria:

  • Dr dale on the Daily Hour

  • Dr dale and Ms thang radio interview

  • Naturopathic doctor aims for hormonal balance

    Katherine Dale’s interest in natural medicine started with a pregnancy scare back in the 1990s. She went to a doctor who told her that based on her last period, she could not be pregnant. She was an adult, but knew very little about her own fertility cycles.

    “I said, wow, how do you know that?” she said. “Is that information out there?”
    The experience sent her on a journey to learn more about fertility and natural methods of birth control.
    “I did not want to take something every day that would suppress my fertility,” she said. “I studied bits of methods that had been used to monitor mucus and cervical positioning. I used temperature taking.”

    Today she is a naturopathic doctor with a focus on hormones. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she joined the staff of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre in Devonshire in June.

    Previously, she lived in New York City and Hong Kong, and had an online practice with patients worldwide.

    She feels that every woman should understand their own hormones and cycles starting from when they start menstruating.

    “Fertility is one of your vital signs,” she said. “A woman should understand how her body works. There are a lot of signs telling us we are fertile, and it is not every day.”

    To help, she offers online courses not only on natural birth control methods, but also on sleep, menstruation, fertility, self-care, and menopause.

    Dr Dale did not start off in natural medicine. In her undergraduate years she did environmental studies at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada, but quickly realised that it was hard to get humans to make the planet healthy when they were not healthy themselves.

    She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, with a doctorate of naturopathic medicine in 2002, after studying for eight years.

    Dr Dale comes from a family of nurses and doctors. When she became a naturopathic doctor, they did not really understand, and confused what she did with homeopathy.

    “I use homeopathy in my practice, but I am a naturopathic doctor,” she said. “I have been in practice for 20 years now, and in Ontario you can now call yourself a doctor. That is a major change.”

    When she found the job at Northshore Medical, she was preparing to leave the United States to return to Canada.

    “Being here feels like a miracle,” she said. “I didn’t stop pinching myself for the first three weeks I was in Bermuda. It did not seem real.”

    She enjoys the beauty of the island.

    “I love the water,” she said. “I love that I am never more than three minutes from a dip.”

    She recently learnt to surf.

    But what really makes it special for her here is the collaborative set-up at Northshore Medical.

    “It seemed like a real opportunity,” she said. “I am now collaborating with medical professionals. I am able to work with the medical doctors to order investigative studies, and we have a lab on site.”

    She said in the United States it was highly unusual for naturopaths to work directly with medical doctors.

    “I never had that kind of relationship with a medical doctor who asked my advice or took information from me,” she said. “That could also be the culture of Bermuda.”

    Although she can deal with issues relating to perimenopause, menopause, ageing and fertility, many of her clients in Bermuda, so far, have been pre-diabetic or struggling with weight issues.

    “The treatment of diabetes has been much more focused on the medical profession everywhere I have been,” she said. “But here I am doing a lot of work with people who are progressively moving towards having issues with diabetes. That all impacts our hormone levels as well.”

    Being overweight can contribute to other health issues such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

    “A lot of it comes from lifestyle and not getting on their bicycles and not walking,” Dr Dale said.

    She also thought local food choices and costs could be limiting in Bermuda.

    “I went to buy raspberries the other day and they were $10, but I still bought them,” she said.

    In the last two months she has also seen many patients who have vitamin deficiencies particularly in B vitamins. In fact, she felt she was seeing more people with this here, than in other parts of the world.

    “I think it is related to food,” she said. “It could be genetic. It also has to do with absorption from the tummy. It could be toxins, maybe from the water. But I am not there yet, in terms of figuring out why.”

    Symptoms of a B vitamin deficiency can include tiredness, weakness, confusion, weight loss and numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, among other things.

    Dr Dale said people with these symptoms need to visit a health professional and ask questions.

    “It is really important that people are watching those signs,” she said. “It comes up for women, maybe more easily, but men as well can be B vitamin deficient.”

    She said there are some foods that can help raise your B vitamin levels such as organ meats. She said vegans also have to be conscious of their B vitamin levels.

    “Being a vegan is a huge effort,” she said. “It is noble, but it is not something to do lightly. You need to be very conscious of what else you are putting into your body.”

    In her practice, Dr Dale is also very conscious of her patients’ mental health.

    “Mental health is so important to our well being,” she said. “Our bodies talk to us. They tell us that there is something wrong and we often continually ignore it and try to intellectualise it. We try to say oh, I feel this way because I did this and I will be OK tomorrow. There are early signs such as heart racing, discomfort in a situation, inability to get out of bed, fatigue. A lot of people will ignore these things for too long.”

  • Dr Brown Speaks At St Georges University Event

    St. George’s University [SGU] featured Dr Kyjuan Brown as a speaker at their recently held recruitment event.

    Dentrecia Blanchette, the SGU Associate Director of Admissions, Caribbean said, “Dr. Brown is the embodiment of a global leader who is serving his community with excellence. He is the owner of Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center and of Dr Brown’s Laboratory, which is a full Bermudian owned and doctor-formulated product line. We are proud of how he has been able to continue to serve Bermudians. ”

  • Why are people still dying from Covid-19?!

    BERMUDA – Why are people still dying from COVID-19? We have effective treatments,” says Dr Kyjuan H. Brown, Medical Director of Northshore Medical Center.

    Dr Brown says, “We have successfully treated over 700 patients with COVID-19, some who were vaccinated and many who were not.”

    Dr Brown is happy to speak out about the success of the Northshore Medical Center team, as well as other local doctors, who have prescribed the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin and the I-mask protocol, despite a backlash from the medical community during the height of the pandemic.

    “There are many causes of alopecia, ranging from family history [heredity], aging, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications, treatments, radiation therapy, lots of stress, and some hairstyles. For men and women, there are many treatments and products available at Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center’s Salon B Hair & Scalp Clinic.”

    He comments that his oath is to do no harm. And he has more than 700 patients who are alive to tell the story! “Many in the medical community have made it clear they do not like the fact some of us prescribe Ivermectin,” Dr Brown says.

    “But the important thing is that it saves lives. My 93-year-old grandmother unvaccinated at the time as they were not available, was suffering from COVID pneumonia in hospital last year. At her age, she should have died from this disease. Indeed, many younger patients on her ward died from COVID. Yet, after being prescribed Ivermectin, my grandmother recovered.”

    As Bermuda experiences its fifth wave of COVID-19 cases, Dr Brown stresses the importance of understanding that treatments such as Ivermectin are effective, and that sufficient stocks should be kept on the island. We are not trying to treat patients, only to ensure informed that the island has run out of stock. We’re is our stock of Paxlovid a new FDA medication to fight COVID or the monoclonal antibodies, Dr Brown adds? People should not be dying from this disease as science has made significant advances since the start of this pandemic.

    He further recommends:

    1. Vaccination remains the best defence against COVID-19.
    2. People should wear face masks inside buildings.
    3. Use Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray which can trap the virus and neutralizes it within the nasal passages .
    4. Products that can boost your immune system from Dr Brown’s Laboratory include C-PAK Immune Support via and 14 in 1 Immune Support via

    Dr Brown’s affordable C-PAK formula is less than $2 a day for men and women and contains 50 billion active Colony Forming Units of probiotics containing 12 scientifically chosen strains for comprehensive support. C-PAK supports immune health, provides antioxidant protection and helps to inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria. C-PAK contains zinc, which is what the body needs for the immune system to work properly and for the senses of smell and taste. It contains quercetin, which is known for its antioxidant properties. It is a veggie capsule, non-GMO and gluten-free.

    Dr Brown’s Laboratory, which is a full Bermudian owned and doctor-formulated product line, is known by many for its hair growth and restoration products, but Dr Brown believes that you will also love his health supplement line as well.
    Dr Brown’s Laboratory is sold online at his website and residents can get same-day delivery, and FREE delivery if they qualify during their purchase. These products are also sold at Northshore Medical Center, Sargasso and many retailers and pharmacies and stores island-wide. You can find out more by visiting the website.

  • Northshore Medical Offers Hair Restoration

    Northshore Medical Center is highlighting Salon B and its hair restoration offerings, including the treatment of alopecia.

    A spokesperson said, “We can learn many lessons from this weekend’s award events with actors Will and Jada Smith and comedian Chris Rock reactions, but for us at Northshore Medical Center. we have partnered with Dr. Brown’s Laboratories to ensure Bermuda residents and visitors know that we have a full Hair & Scalp Clinic with hair restoration product line on-island to support and treat your alopecia and other hair loss conditions. There is no need to have alopecia effect your life and for you to suffer in silence.

    “Salon B’s award-winning hair restoration team have been successfully servicing hundreds of Bermuda residents with their hair loss conditions and the results have been amazing. Men and women, youth and seniors are all treated at Salon B. Starting with their hair consultations to their laser cap treatments, supplementation to other methods, they are here to support your hair restoration goals.

    “There are many causes of alopecia, ranging from family history [heredity], aging, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications, treatments, radiation therapy, lots of stress, and some hairstyles. For men and women, there are many treatments and products available at Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center’s Salon B Hair & Scalp Clinic.”

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, award-winning hair restoration specialist and formulator of Dr. Brown’s Laboratory, which also has a full hair restoration product line said, “We would like to be sure Bermuda knows that if they need help with their alopecia hair challenges, we have a full hair and scalp clinic on island that can help treat your condition. My professional team are on island to help you daily and we have hundreds of successful clients that we have treated successfully. Our results speak for themselves. Let’s reverse your hair loss. Don’t suffer in silence or think that your alopecia can not be treated.”

  • NMAC Community Partnerships


  • Investing in Bermuda’s Future Doctors
    St. George's Preparatory Black History Month Focus with Dr. Kyjuan Brown

    Investing in Bermuda’s Future Doctors St. George's Preparatory Black History Month Focus with Dr. Kyjuan Brown

    Mrs. Tamara Sukdeo, the Social Studies teacher leader for the six primary classes at St. George's Preparatory School and Mrs. Gail Smith the principal invited Dr. Kyjuan Brown of Northshore Medical Center for their Black History Month theme this year on Health & Wellness. This was an online Zoom session held on Tuesday 8 February 2022.

    Dr. Brown spoke to the class to share his work with students using photographs and videos and now the class is to complete a class project on Dr. Brown’s work. The Primary 5 students were excited about healthcare and had some challenging questions, below are some of the questions that the these students asked Dr Brown:

    1. Why did you want to become a doctor?
    2. Do you help people with skin conditions?
    3. What products to use to get healthier skin?
    4. How long have you been working in this field?
    5. How are skin colors different?
    6. Why are many of your patients black?
    7. Where do you work?
    8. What happens if a person has a skin disorder but they want to be beautiful.
    9. How do you remove body fat and with what equipment? (Kenzie)
    10. I want to make my skin more shiny like my mother. Could you give me some advise to make my skin more shiny?

  • Dr. Amani Flood is Tackling Diabetes & Weight Loss in Bermuda with Online Seminars

    Dr. Amani Flood is launching her Online Health Seminars for the Public to address weight loss and diabetes.

    “Is your HbA1c under 6.3? If not, your glucose is not currently well managed. Do you lose weight only to gain it right back again?”

    2022, it’s time to get the holistic approach to medicine!

    BERMUDA – – At Northshore Medical Center they believe in an holistic approach to medicine. Join Dr. Amani Flood, NMACs Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine online for her new series of Health Education seminars to help you Live your Best Life! These will be 1 hour seminars that her existing clients and new clients can attend after signing up. They run evenings 6:30 – 7:30 p.m online via Zoom. All participants will receive individualized one-on-one support weekly during the course.

    Dr. Amani Flood said, “Make 2022 the Year of You! With these online health seminars, the attendees will be able pursue the health goals they’ve been putting off and get the hollistic approach to disease and medicine. These sessions will be fun, informative and very interactive on an intimate small group setting. These also include 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with me, so the value is amazing. Plus get access to my free books and be able to ask questions you have on the subject matter and receive some exclusive deals we have.”

    These online health seminars will cover a variety of important and interesting topics: Learn about the role of vitamins, nutritional supplements, natural treatments for high cholesterol, hypertension, women’s and men’s health, children’s health, healthy meal planning, support for cancer and a variety of other topics.

    The first session covers Diabetes and will begin this Tuesday Feb 15th 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Diabetes participants will receive course materials via email and a free copy of Dr Flood’s book “Cooking for Diabetes in Bermuda.” The Course will cover how to use glucose testing to lower HbA1c, food choices for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, easy Shopping and Meal planning, and Planning activities for a Diabetes friendly Lifestyle.

    Dr Flood confirms that “We are offering online classes to teach you how to manage glucose and control or reverse Type 2 diabetes using dietary and lifestyle changes. Isn’t it time you got your diabetes under control? Reverse Diabetes with online education and one on one coaching.”

    The subsequent course starts the day after on Wednesday February 16th 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. and covers Weight Loss. Participants will receive course materials also and free copy of Dr Flood’s book “Your guide to a Clean Green Keto Diet in Bermuda.” The Course will cover why do some people accumulate excess weight, best meal choices for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for weight loss, easy Shopping and Meal planning, and activities for successful Weight Loss for all levels of ability or disability.

    Dr Flood said “We are offering online classes to teach you the science of weight gain and show you how to lose weight successfully and keep it off for life! Weight loss isn’t easy, but it’s not too hard! Our ever popular 21-Day Detox, Weight Loss the Natural Way, Clean Green Keto, Hcg hormonal, fat burning injections or online education will help.

    Research shows that medical oversight and participating in educational classes, greatly increases your chances of reaching your weight loss goal and keeping it off for life! Plus, all participants of both get my free book and individualized one-on-one support weekly during the course.”

    Patients must call Northshore Medical Center to confirm their rates and insurance for these seminars and to learn more. You can register by calling 293-5476 to or emailing

    “Don’t worry if you miss some sessions, we will have makeup sessions and you will do one-on-once coaching with me outside these group sessions so you will get a personalized approach and are able to ask questions just for you,” assures Dr Flood. Any content which is considered unsuitable, unlawful, or offensive, includes personal details, advertises or promotes products, services or websites, or repeats previous comments will be removed. User comments posted on this website are solely the views and opinions of the comment writer and are not a representation of or reflection of the opinions of TNN or its staff. TNN reserves the right to remove, edit or censor any comments. TNN accepts no liability and will not be held accountable for the comments made by users.

  • NMAC Offering Antigen Travel Testing

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] is offering Antigen Travel TeleHealth Testing, providing “faster testing” so that travelers “don’t miss their flights.”

    A spokesperson said, “Bermudians and residents are excited about Northshore Medical’s newest Covid-19 testing solution to help them with faster testing so they don’t miss their flights.

    “NMAC’s Antigen Travel TeleHealth Testing solution is great for residents who travel overseas and either have a hard time finding a testing center, want faster and guaranteed results so they can get the Travel Authorization, or who want to save money.

    “According to one resident who messaged us on Facebook, ‘our $65 is way better than the $189 test they just paid for to come home Monday.’

    “For those Bermuda residents traveling to later return back to Bermuda, NMAC recommends that they learn about their convenient Rapid Antigen test travel option which allows residents an easy way to return back to Bermuda to save residents time and hassle from having to waste their travel time locating where to get tested and then waiting for their Covid-19 results while abroad.

    “There are only four easy steps to this convenient and affordable travel testing option. Step 1: book online; step 2: collect your antigen test from Northshore Medical before you leave Bermuda; step 3: log into NMACs TeleHealth system at the time of your appointment, at which time they would supervise the collection and processing of your sample; step 4: official results will be emailed to you within 15 minutes.

    “You can book with Northshore Medical’s Covid Testing Center here. If you have questions or require concierge testing or group testing rates, email our Covid-19 Center at or call 441-516-9579.”

  • Continuous Delayed Test Results Leads to Further Frustration Within Community

    There is increasing frustration within the community, particularly for those who were looking to dine out on New Year’s who needed a COVID test result but were unable to receive one in time.

    TNN’s Trevor Lindsay spoke with Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director for Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center (NMAC). His office offers both rapid antigen and PCR COVID tests to patients.

    Dr. Brown wishes to assure the public that the delay in receiving results is no fault of the government and that a lot of people are working around the clock to deliver accurate results as quickly as possible.

    “ It’s unfortunate when you have a pandemic plus a holiday period where everything goes astray,” he said. “ When we have times like this with a large number of positive patients, it slows down the entire process even more.”

    Because NMAC does not deal with as many test samples, they are able to return PCR test results within four to five hours and antigen test results within 30 minutes to an hour. Rapid antigen tests, which most travelers need to get into the U.S., are $55 each at NMAC. To book a PCR or rapid antigen test at NMAC or contact the lab, people can visit

  • Veteran Barber Honours Dr Kyjuan Brown

    Well known barbershop owner and community leader Ricky Spence presented Dr. Kyjuan Brown with the ‘Most Outstanding Member of our Bermuda Community 2021′ award, saying he has “helped our community greatly in and out of medicine.”

    A spokesperson said, “This month, veteran barbershop owner and community leader, Ricky Spence felt the urge to celebrate some community heroes by honoring them with a community service award.

    “Ricky’s Barbershop which is located on 20 Union St, Hamilton, in Bermuda has been honoring barbers in the community for awards since 2015 however for this year he also decided to focus on the medical community for their outstanding work in the medical field and in the community, Dr. Kyjuan Brown was a featured doctor for 2021.

    “Mr. Spence presented Dr. Brown with “Most Outstanding Member of our Bermuda Community 2021 Award” plaque, as a recent initiative after observing his efforts in the community.

    Ricky Spence said, “I have known Dr. Brown all my life before he was a doctor and use to come to my barbershop to have me cut his hair regularly. He has blossomed as a young Bermudian Black man who makes a difference every day in helping others with their health. When I look at who deserves this award, I look at those who make a difference in the community. Giving Dr. Brown this award is my way to reward someone who has helped our community greatly in and out of medicine.”

    A spokesperson said, “Many who know of Dr. Kyjuan Brown, may know that he is the founder, owner and Medical Director of Northshore Medical Center, a hair restoration specialist award winner, the king of medical aesthetics on island, and formulator of his own hair, skin and health supplement line Dr Brown’s Laboratory. However, for those who really grew up with Dr. Brown, his staff and those who know him personally, also know he has a big heart to serve his community, that often goes unnoticed.”

    “Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown is no stranger to community service as it has been in his blood from both his mother Dawnette and father Hilton Brown and their families. So it was no shocker, that Dr. Kyjuan Brown follows in their footsteps continuing the legacy to serve his community, but in his own special way.

    “In medicine, Dr. Brown is known for his free community health clinics and has a heart for seniors by offering VIP home visits to make it easy for them to have convenient access to healthcare.

    “In business, Dr. Brown continues to sponsor various college students scholarships like Jade Richardson, community sports teams like the HPWC Hot Peppers football team, various churches events and initiatives, and annually has sponsored his father’s community Swan’s running club with the Turkey Trott race.

    “NMAC is also know for having their annual back to school community event where they give away bookbags with school supplies, cotton candy, snowballs, and popcorn for the gifts. Personally, Dr Brown sponsors Carol Clarke’s Annual Senior feeding initiative every year because of his passion for the senior community. He also prepares and distributes food with his Pembroke constituency to those who are in need.”

    “As you see Dr. Kyjuan Brown is no stranger to community service and serving his community through healthcare,” Mr Spence said.

    “He also gives people jobs and he is also a great doctor. I observe various doctors who are agents of change and Dr. Brown is one of those who deserved the recognition.”

  • Dr. Kyjuan Brown Advises about new more convenient testing options

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown Advises Bermuda Residents & Visitors about new more convenient testing options at NMAC.

    Are you worried about travelling to and from Bermuda and missing your flight due to testing?
    No worries, NorthShore Medical has you covered with our 1 hour to same-day testing options for PCR and Antigen.

    If you missed our very own Dr. Kyjuan Brown on the news December 7th 2021, here is the link, fast forward to time 15:05 to hear the Covid-19 NMAC Testing options that will have you enjoying your holiday travel vs stressing over testing.

    Or watch the direct video interview segment with Dr Brown on our YouTube channel Dr. Kyjuan Brown NMAC adjusts to USA & Bermuda Covid-19 travel regulations quickly with testing

    Watch it here also

  • Jade Richardson Discusses her NMAC Medical Scholarship and Journey

    A student who pledged to serve others after her brother died eight years ago has been awarded $10,000 to help her qualify as a doctor.

    Jade Richardson received a scholarship from Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre for the third year in a row.

    Ms Richardson, who attends St George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada, said that she discovered her passion for medicine after her brother died in 2013...

    She thanked Kyjuan Brown, the medical director of NMAC, for the scholarship and his advice.

    Ms Richardson said: “Dr Brown has been an outstanding mentor to me – when my brother passed away he was a huge help to my parents and I.

    “We struggled mentally for many, many, many years and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Dr Brown I would not be where I am today.”

    She added: “He has supported my dreams from the very start.

    “I look forward to repaying him the favour upon my return to Bermuda by joining his practice as a physician.”

  • Controversy over use of Ivermectin for Covid-19

    Doctors are prescribing a drug to treat Covid-19 which health officials in Bermuda and overseas have warned against because of the risk of serious harm.

    A handful of doctors are offering patients Ivermectin – an anti-parasitic medicine – with the knowledge of the Bermuda Medical Council, which regulates medical practitioners.

  • Hair and scalp classes offer help to the beauty industry

    As the owner of Blueprint Hair Salon on Par-la-Ville Road, Raquel Furbert regularly sees clients with thinning hair or itching, flaking scalp.

    She can try to help, but ultimately, she is not a doctor. “There is only so much we can do,” Ms Furbert said.

    But now, she and other beauty professionals, have another tool in their arsenal, an alliance with Kyjuan Brown of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

  • Doctor’s fight for 93-year-old grandmother who got Covid-19

    When a doctor’s 93-year-old grandmother was admitted to hospital with Covid-19, he knew there was not much that could be done to help her.

    Kyjuan Brown knew treatment options for people with the coronavirus were very limited.

    But he was aware of a cheap, anti-parasitic drug called Ivermectin which he believed might make all the difference.

  • NMAC partners with Moongate to give back on Valentine's Day

    MoonGate Gives Back On Valentine’s Day.. Following a successful campaign last year, MoonGate Group once again distributed its “We Care Packages” to vulnerable persons in the community this Valentine’s Day, with the company increasing the number of packages from 100 to 150, expanding the contents, and provided them in a waterproof tote-bag.

  • More about the Covid-19 Vaccine

    Kyjuan Brown, who runs the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre, in Pembroke, confirmed that many of his patients were opposed to taking the vaccine... “You have to weigh risk against reward. That’s why I got the vaccine and so did all my colleagues – because the reward far outweighs any risk.” Dr Brown pointed out that the island had suffered 12 deaths from 684 recorded cases of the virus – a fatality rate of two per cent. He compared that figure to just a handful of fatalities globally that have resulted from millions of people taking the vaccine.

  • Limit on imported medical cannabis increased

    The threshold for the importation of medical cannabis has rocketed to 2,000 grams a year from an annual limit of just one gram per year.

    A spokeswoman for the health ministry said the Government was “processing an application for a commercial importer” in the wake of the increased quota.

  • Dr K. Brown Helps Mother In Cannabis Sentence Appeal Win

    A 44-year-old mother of two has won an appeal against a three-month jail term imposed for an attempt to smuggle cannabis into Bermuda to treat her chronic epilepsy-like seizures.

  • Erectile Dysfuction - You are Not Alone

    Expert advice and treatment: Jeff MacLeod, of Northshore Medical and Aesthetic Centre, is helping raise awareness of erectile dysfunction (Photograph by Alex Masters)

    Most men are too embarrassed to talk about erectile dysfunction; Jeff MacLeod is starting the conversation for them.

  • British Urologist To Address Men's Concerns

    Start the conversation: Jonathan Makanjuola, a British consultant urological surgeon, will host a weeklong clinic on men’s wellness at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre alongside general practitioner Jeff MacLeod (Photograph supplied)

    A British urologist will visit the island this month to help a Devonshire-based medical centre deal with men’s intimate health concerns.

  • Urologist to Host Clinic at Northshore Medical

    A leading British doctor has joined forces with a local GP to issue a call to action to men: ‘Take better care of your health’.

    Jonathan Makanjuola, a consultant urological surgeon from the UK, will be teaming up with Dr Jeff MacLeod, of Northshore Medical and Aesthetic Center [NMAC] to host a clinic on erectile dysfunction later this month.

  • Dr Kyjuan Brown Launches New Supplement

    Dr Kyjuan Brown, the creator of Dr Brown’s Laboratory, announced the official release of a new dietary supplement for those looking to improve the health and vitality of their hair, skin, and nails, from the inside out.

    Seven months ago, Dr Brown, the Medical Director of Northshore Medical and Aesthetic Center [NMAC], began researching and conducting initial testing for a Hair, Skin and Nails Multivitamin. He said he developed the supplement – which contains various vitamins and minerals, including Biotin – with his patients in mind.

  • NMAC's Sheri Burgess talks about Hair Loss Awareness Month

    August is Hair Loss Awareness Month. In honour of the occasion, we spoke to Sheri Burgess, a Bermudian Hair Restoration Specialist, who is helping to inform residents on the importance of education and early intervention when it comes to maintaining a full head of hair.

    While there are no specific stats for hair loss on the Island, an estimated 80 million Americans – 50 million men and 30 million women – will experience some level of hair loss in their life. That’s approximately one in four people.

  • Dr Paula Estwick Returns to NMAC

    Back in March, Dr Paula Estwick flew home to Barbados for a short visit to see family and friends; she had no idea at the time how quickly and drastically the world would change due to Covid-19.

    Dr Estwick just recently completed her mandatory quarantine period after arriving back to the Island in mid August; she is eager to start seeing patients again next month at her office at Northshore Medical and Aesthetic Center [NMAC].

    “I never thought a two week vacation would turn into five months overseas,” said Dr Estwick, a GP, known for supporting patients with weight loss and women’s health issues.

  • NMAC To Offer Online Diabetes Education Course

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] will be holding a four-week Type 2 Diabetes Education Course starting on Monday, August 10th.

    A spokesperson said, “After a successful pilot launch of their online diabetes education course, Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] will be welcoming a new batch of students into its next cohort on Monday, August 10.

    “NMAC’s Type 2 Diabetes Education Course is a four week virtual programme that teaches people gradual steps they can take to manage and even reverse diabetes through diet and lifestyle practices, rather than relying only on prescription medications.

  • Published: Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center

    Video: Dr Brown's Hair Growth Formula

    This professional strength hair growth serum formulated by Dr Brown, has a blend of both natural and pharmaceutical compounds that promote healthy growth of hair. Minoxidil is an FDA approved medication for both male and female pattern hair loss. Minoxidil works by improving blood flow and nutrients to hair follicles, improving hair density and increasing the rate of growth. Twice Daily Formula

    Benefits -
    1. Increases Hair Growth
    2. Moisturizes & Hydrates
    3. Thickens hair

    For more information :

  • Published: RG Magazines - May 1, 2018

    3 Tips to ‘snatch’ away pounds this summer

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre has helped hundreds of people win their battle with the bulge. In honour of NMAC’s new ‘Get Your Body Snatched’ Weight Loss Campaign Dr. Kyjuan Brown shared a few tips for those looking to get into shape for summer...

    Soon after returning to the Island to practice medicine, Dr. Kyjuan Brown began noticing a similar concern among many of his patients: a struggle to lose weight.

    The physician decided to take action. He spent time overseas getting certified in medical weight loss techniques, then introduced a new wave of services to his clients at Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre (NMAC).

    “We’ve seen hundreds of patients come through our doors over the last five years, and even before that when I worked at another medical practice on the island. I’d estimate the number is somewhere between 500 and 800 people who have looked to us to help them lose weight,” he said. “It’s mostly people around middle age in their 40s up to those in their 60s and 70s. They are trying to get their life back together and realise the yo-yo diets and fads aren’t working. They are eating salads all day and exercising and not seeing results.”

    NMAC recently launched its ‘Get Your Body Snatched’ weight loss campaign for those looking to shed unwanted pounds and feel more confident in their own skin this summer. Dr. Brown spoke with RG Magazine about the new launch and offered us some suggestions for those trying to look their best in 2018...


    A one size fits all approach to weight loss doesn’t work. That’s because everyone’s lifestyle, health history and specific body concerns are unique. NMAC’s Medical Weight Loss Programme has seen clients drop up to 130lbs over the course of a year because it tailors the programme to the individual. “Some people don’t like to cook their own meals, others won’t drink protein shakes or remember to take supplements, so we cater the programme to meet the client’s needs and have found that works best.”


    It can feel like a long, hard journey to better health when you do it alone. Hence why having people in your corner who keep you accountable to your health goals and encourage you when you’re feeling low is important. Those who sign up to Dr. Brown’s Medical Weight Loss Programme get specialised one-on-one coaching support, along with private weigh ins, sample meal plans and healthy grocery lists. “Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a big commitment for many people,” Dr. Brown said. “People like to know they’re not on their own in the process, that they will have a physician supervising them, who’s rooting for their success.”


    Not everyone needs to lose weight all over – some people have just one or two problem areas where they can’t seem to drop the extra pounds – be it on their stomach, love handles, hips or thighs. In these cases, Dr. Brown recommends his body contouring services like laser slimming, cool sculpting and velashape, just to name a few. Body contouring targets a specific area and destroys excess fat cells. It is often used for those who have already achieved major weight loss; and can help improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissue and remove excess sagging fat and skin.

    For more information or to book a consultation at NMAC, visit or call 293-5476.

  • Published: RG Magazines - April 9, 2018

    Northshore Medical: Vampire facial

    Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and model, Bar Refaeli have been seen on social media baring bloody faces while getting the trendy Vampire Facial.

    The procedure, also known as the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), allows patients to have their own blood injected into their faces for a non-invasive facelift.

    On island, the vampire facial has become extremely popular, often performed by Dr Kyjuan Brown of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre.

    It claims to remove wrinkles, dull skin, acne scarring and more and can be performed on any age group.

    Being that Kim K wasn’t available to fly to Bermuda to get her monthly facial, we got our Project Manager, Carlene Spencer-Darrell to do it instead.

    The appointment began with a consultation and series of ‘before’ photos taken with the new Quantificare 3D camera system that analyses the skin, generating an evaluation of wrinkles, oiliness, pores, evenness and red and brown spots. The software also allowed the doctor to simulate and decide treatment options.

    “What I tell patients when they come in is that we’re not trying to make you change you & make you look like a Beyoncé or Marilyn Monroe,” Said Dr Brown.

    “We’re just trying to make you look like the best you possible. Many patients bring in pictures from when they were 20 years younger and we help snatch them back, it’s possible.”

    Dr Brown began by numbing Carlene’s face with a topical cream for 45 minutes before a physician drew a vial of blood from her arm, spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma (fluid) from the red and white blood cells.

    He said: “The idea behind blood facials is that they infuse the skin with platelets, which contain growth factors, which are known to be helpful in healing wounds. Growth factors stimulate new collagen.”

    To help with texture and tone of the face, Dr Brown then did a combination treatment, injecting PDO threads and Juvederm dermal fillers, which lifted and softened the tissue, giving Carlene an almost immediate youthful look.

    “This is artistry, you don’t want to over or under-fill,” said Dr Brown.

    “We want to get it just right. In two weeks time, water is going to be drawn to this area, filling it out even more. Lasting up to a year and a bit.”

    “People love this procedure because it’s instant and you leave here looking and feeling extra gorgeous”.

    Dr Brown, highlighted that what steers people away from the vampire facial is the cost and the perception of pain which is almost non-existent despite the amount of needles that are involved. Carlene also pointed out her needle phobia and said the feeling was minimal, other than some pressure.

    For more information on the vampire facial and other aesthetic services, contact Northshore Medical on 293-5476 or visit

  • Published: - SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

    NMAC celebrates MedSpa Month

    Devonshire, Bermuda - Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] will be celebrating "MedSpa Month" for the entire month of September, with special discounts and offers being showcased every day of the month.

    "With summer just behind us, fall is an ideal time to prepare our skin and body for the cooler months ahead, as well as get a jump start on that wanted body", says Dr. K. Brown.

    "With this in mind we felt there was no better way to help anyone to get a jump start on some desired treatments than to educate and offer great discounts on a number of our treatments throughout the entire month."

    The company said, "MedSpa Month will be celebrated from September 5th – 31st a number of popular skin and body prep treatments.

    Dr. Kyjuan H Brown is the Founder & Medical Director of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center. Certified in General Medicine by the Caribbean College of Family Physicians as well as a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, his Practice is further enhanced with a holistic approach to patient care via his background in Alternative Medicine.

    NMAC uses a multi-faceted and individual approach to helping one achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and live the best life possible – inside and out - through its Family Medicine, Dermatology, Weight loss, Aesthetic and regularly introduced new treatments and services.

    Alfred Roberts

    "Laser Lipo [Thighs/ Abdomen], Microdermabrasions, Dermalogica Signature Facials, IPL Spot Treatments and Laser Acne Facials will all be reduced to in price per treatment for any appointment during this period.

    Throughout the month there will be other events and discounts being released so stay tuned to the Northshore Medical website (

    "For more information on the treatments offered throughout MedSpa Month and what may be right for you contact Sasha Benson at or call 293 5476 to book your MedSpa Month treatments and RSVP for the PRP event."

  • Published: Bernews Online - Apeil 4, 2016

    Column: What Kind Of Doctor Are You Again?

    [Written by Dr. Amani Flood, N.D.]

    I'm a Naturopathic Doctor. Yes, it can be a bit of a tongue-twister to pronounce, and even harder to understand exactly what it is that we do. But I never get tired of trying to explain, so please read on.

    First, a blurb from our professional association website:

    "Naturopathic doctors combine the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. Steeped in traditional healing methods, principles and practices naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic protocols that minimize the risk of harm and help facilitate the body's inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health."

    So there you go. But now you're saying, "Can you repeat that, this time in English please?"

    OK, in plain language, Naturopathic Doctors are qualified by 4-5 years of post-graduate studies in medicine. Like medical doctors we are trained in all the medical sciences and in the diagnosis of disease. Unlike medical doctors we are not trained in major surgery or internal medicine. Instead we learn herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic and how to prescribe the many hundreds of natural formulations for various conditions. We are specially trained in diet and nutritional supplements, and how to use these in the treatment of disease and for prevention of disease. After the successful conclusion of studies we sit for a comprehensive standardized board exam which we have to pass in order to become licensed. This extensive medical training and licensure sets us apart from other certificated health practitioners.

    Naturopathic doctors work in private practices, hospitals, clinics and community health centers. We are primary care physicians in some states, or often we work as part of an integrated medical team such as I do at Northshore Medical Center. We can treat or co-manage common diseases like diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, infertility, fibromyalgia, migraines, ADHD, anxiety, insomnia and more. We are health advocates and health educators. We develop and manage corporate wellness and community outreach programmes. We offer education in nutrition and lifestyle for people with chronic conditions like heart disease, asthma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and autoimmune disorders, helping them to live a better quality of life and often prolong their life or in some instances, helping them achieve remission.

    By teaching people how to help themselves through advice on diet, nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices, you can see that Naturopathic Doctors play a critical role in healthcare by relieving pain and suffering, while also easing the burden on hospitals, health insurance and government healthcare schemes.

    The scope of practice of Naturopathic Doctors is wide and diverse. Learn more at You or someone you know may even want to enter this very emotionally rewarding career.

    This article is written for informational purposes only by Certified Medical Professionals at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC]. It is not for use to diagnose or treat any condition that you may have. Always consult with you doctor.

  • Published: Bernews Online - March 8, 2016

    Health Column: Dr. Flood, Healing With Nutrition

    [Written by Dr. Amani Flood, N.D.]

    Imagine sitting down to dinner before a plate filled with capsules and tablets of various sizes, shapes and colours. What if this meal, served with a tall glass of water, was your dinner!

    Well, things have not gotten that bad yet, but the popularity of nutritional supplements, fueled by our quest for optimal health and eternal youth, has grown steadily over the past several decades and now it tops $32-billion in sales in the U.S. in 2012.

    The value of nutrition is well understood and there are a number of named diseases caused by "avitaminosis," the medical term for lack of an essential vitamin in the diet. Scurvy is a disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency and is easily cured by using citrus fruits in the diet.

    Rickets is caused by deficient Vitamin D. Other avitaminosis caused diseases include Pernicious anemia, deficient B12, birth defects, deficient B9 [folate], night blindness, low Vitamin A, bleeding, vitamin K, Beriberi, vitamin B1 – and this is just a short list!

    So we see that nutrition in the diet serves three purposes: 1] avoidance of disease, 2] maintenance of good health and 3] as an aid in the recovery from illness. What can you do to boost your nutrient profile and enjoy these benefits? Well, you can eat an extremely nutrient dense diet and/or you can use nutritional supplements.

    Here are 5 dietary supplements that I use every day that I believe no one should be without if they want to enjoy optimal health.

    • Multivitamins. Everyone can benefit from a daily vitamin specific to their age and gender that contains all of the essential nutrients in therapeutic doses. Be careful of products like Centrum, One-A-Day, and drug store brand varieties. These contain harmful fillers, artificial colors, flavours and preservatives as well as low doses that may be too miniscule to matter.
    • Vitamin D. Recent testing suggests that up to 99% of the population in America is deficient in this vital nutrient which was recently reclassified as both a vitamin and a hormone. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to wide variety of diseases including depression, immune deficiency, bone loss and cancer.
    • Probiotics. Although not technically a vitamin, this nutrient is important enough to be included in this must have list. Probiotics aid in digestion, elimination and gut health leading to vitamin production and improved absorption.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil or its derivatives of EPA and DHA is critical to good health and should be used daily. It has a positive effect on almost every bodily system by improving immune function, improving heart health, lowering inflammation and consequently improving pain, improving cholesterol and much, much more.
    • Vitamin C. The value of this important nutrient cannot be overstated and since most multivitamins contain only a trace amount, it's necessary to use an individual supplement.

    Specific nutrients are therapeutic for specific diseases such as CoQ10 for heart health, Acetyl Cysteine for lung health, B-vitamins for neuropathies, curcumin for inflammation, and a number of supplements are specific for cancer care.

    This article is written for informational purposes only by Certified Medical Professionals at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC]. It is not for use to diagnose or treat any condition that you may have. Always consult with you doctor.

  • Published: Bernews Online - February 10, 2016

    NMAC Welcomes New Pulmonary Medical Expert

    [Lifestyle column written by Alex Dill] It all started with a personal health scare. Between the age of 18 and 25, I thought I could eat and drink what I wanted whenever I wanted. Well, that didn't last for long! Eventually I was plagued with a bad case of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease [GERD] which led from one symptom to another.

    Late nights, I remember having to sit up in bed due to the excruciating heart burn pain. Boy was it painful! Regardless of how many natural remedies, tums and Nexium pills I took, my symptoms still persisted. Alongside the GERD, I had a bad case of acne, I lost weight and my immunity was low as I would always get sick. I was a mess. Little did I know that nothing would help until I changed my eating habits.

    In quest of improving my health and developing my career, I stumbled across something called Health Coaching. It seemed like the perfect fit. I began studying and learned a lot about the relationship between the foods I ate and my body. Soon after I became a Certified International Health Coach.

    After learning about my personal food sensitivities through comprehensive blood testing at Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center and experimenting with therapeutic remedies for my gut, I was able to eliminate certain foods from my diet and was healed in no time. I kid you not, within a few short weeks most of my symptoms had subsided. My personal quest for better health eventually led me to help others with their health concerns.

    What is a Health Coach?

    Have you ever been on multiple diets to achieve a certain health goal such as weight loss but still gained the weight back? This is what we call the popular "yo-yo" dieting. Many of us say "I know what I have to do. It's just difficult doing it and sticking to it." Well, that's where Health Coaches come in.

    Health Coaches serve to bring about healthy lifestyle and behavioral changes by helping clients develop a healthier relationship with themselves and their foods to maximize and maintain their results. It's all about building the better version of you with the help of a private coach to listen, motivate, monitor, educate and support you. You may think of a soccer coach which helps his players with developing strategies to navigate and overcome the opposing team [obstacles] and score the winning goal [reach your health goals]. After being coached for some time, you learn fundamental skills that become a part of your natural lifestyle, resulting in less struggles and more success. Who wouldn't want that?

    Health Coaches also play an important role in the healthcare field. Doctors are educated with a wealth of knowledge about the body, medicine and diseases. They medically treat their patients based on their active health condition and symptoms. Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists make dietary recommendations to help manage and improve their patients' health conditions. While each health care professional plays a very important role, Health Coaches do as well, but with a different approach. We focus on nourishing life's "primary foods", which are not the foods we eat, but rather the things that matter to us the most in life and alters the way we eat. For example, someone may be having stressful times in life with their career or relationship, which alters the way that they eat, eventually causing a health complication. So what is the source of the problem here? Is it the food they are eating? Not so much. The underlying issue is the job or relationship which is causing the stress, which in turn is causing the bad dietary habits, thereby causing the health problem. This domino effect can sometimes be overlooked, resulting in a developing health condition which would not improve.

    Therefore, Health Coaches take a more holistic approach, looking at all aspects of life to help their clients determine the underlying causes, while helping them discover ways to overcome obstacles and be more successful with reaching their health goals. Other healthcare professionals have the objective to help their patients with their individual health concerns, but may not have the additional time or devotion to discuss other factors that are preventing their patients from reaching their optimal health. Health Coaches play the important role by filling this void. This is by no means competing with other healthcare professionals; instead, complementing them.

    While the primary foods are addressed, dietary nutrition is the secondary focus. We encourage the eating of natural whole foods and avoiding processed foods. With the knowledge of many different dietary theories, we also personalize nutritional needs to each individual, as one person's food requirements may differ to the other. With this approach, many people have positive transformations.

    Why is there a need for Health Coaches?

    Research continues to support the fact that by incorporating lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise, we can prevent diseases or help manage them better, as long as we continue the changes overtime. One example of this is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's [CDC] National Diabetes Prevention Program [DPP] which is developed to help people prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in those who are at risk for the disease.

    We should ask ourselves "why are we so unsuccessful with changing the behaviors that are causing our health problems?" Well, committing to the changes isn't easy when we're surrounded by constant obstacles and challenges. But with a Health Coach your goals are achievable, as they are the missing link to helping you incorporate and sustain healthy lifestyle changes in a unique, holistic way to improve your health and happiness. That is why I have dedicated myself to support and inspire those who are seeking long-term results, need someone to hold them accountable and wish to see an improvement in their quality of health and life.

    - Alex Dill is a Certified Health Coach. He received his training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is also certified by the International Association for Health Coaches. He can be reached at Northshore Medical in Devonshire.

  • Published: Bernews Online - January 21, 2016

    Yale Faculty Affiliate Doctor Conducts Training

    During his monthly visit to the island, Dr. Ofer Sagiv, MD FACC, Yale Faculty Affiliate, conducted training on how to perform the Ankle Brachial Index Exam with the NMAC team.

    "Ankle Brachial Index commonly referred to as ABI test, measures the patient blood pressure at different points down the legs and compare's this with blood pressure in their arm. It is a relatively simply exam, which is harmless and uses no form of radiation," NMAC explained.

    "The ABI study is an excellent screening and diagnostic tool for the evaluation of Peripheral Artery Disease [PAD]. PAD is a narrowing or complete blockage of the blood vessels down the legs.

    "The most common symptom of PAD is leg pain. In addition one can feel muscle cramping in the hips, thighs or calves when doing simply things like walking, exercising and climbing stairs.

    S"imply when you do any sort of movement, the muscles to the legs would require increase blood supply, however if there is a narrowing or a blockage; the muscles are simply not going to receive the amount of blood they need.

    "Thus, decrease blood supply results in pain and cramping. Other symptoms of PAD include foot and toe wounds which won't heal or heal very slowly, gangrene and marked decrease in temperature of the lower legs."

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, NMAC Medical Director said, "The ABI is an appropriate screening tool for anyone over the age of 50 who has a history of smoking or is a diabetic.

    "It is also appropriate for most people over the age of 65, since the prevalence of the disease increases with age. This training gives NMAC the opportunity to not only expand our services but assess our patients in-house and provide valuable, real-time results"

  • Published: Bernews Online - January 12, 2016

    NMAC Welcomes New Rheumatology Expert

    Dr. Viviane Bunin [pictured] has joined the staff of Northshore Medical and Aesthetic Center as their first Rheumatology Expert.

    A spokesperson said, "Dr. Bunin is a Rheumatologist who received her initial medical degree from the University of Pernambuco [Brazil] in 1992 and completed her Rheumatology Residency and a post-graduating program, earning PhD degree/Doctorate in Medicine, at the prestigious University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and in collaboration with Necker Hospital in Paris, France in 2000 under the tutoring of Dr. Renato Monteiro.

    "In addition to clinical experience she has also done clinical and basic research, completing a post-doc/PhD research fellowship in Immunology/rheumatology at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC and University of Washington in Seattle, as well as Necker Hospital in Paris. Dr. Bunin also is involved with teaching of medical students, residents and fellows.

    "When Dr. Bunin's husband became an anchor at ESPN, she moved to Connecticut and completed her American residency at Baystate Medical Center – Tufts University School of Medicine. She completed another Rheumatology fellowship at Yale University and continued research under Dr. Joseph Craft, together publishing work done in collaboration between YALE University in New Haven and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

    "Dr. Bunin is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. She is a member of the American College of Rheumatology, where she has presented multiple posters/abstracts. Currently she works at Houston Methodist Hospital, where she sees both inpatients and outpatients and is responsible for the subdivision of Rheumatology for the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

    "Rheumatology patients often endure years of misdiagnoses and a failure to see their symptoms improve. Patients come to see a Rheumatologist in our division from all around the world because they know they are consulting with doctors who understand that the clues for proper diagnosis are often hidden in apparently-unrelated details.

    "We value the time spent with you and believe that a true partnership between physician and patient is the key to a successful control of your disease. Dr. Bunin has more than 20 years of experience in Academic Rheumatology, practicing Medicine at the highest standard of excellence.

    Dr. Bunin will be in Bermuda monthly beginning this month and will see patients with musculoskeletal, connective-tissue diseases and auto-inflammatory syndromes, such as Antiphospholipid Syndrome [APS], Arthritis, Autoimmune Diseases, Behçet's Disease, Bursitis, Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Classic Polyarteritis Nodosa, Cryoglobulinemia, Degenerative Disc Disease, Dry Eyes, and Enthesopathy of Hip [incl. Trochanteric Bursitis].

    Dr. Bunin will also see patients with Fibromyalgia; Foot Conditions; Gout; Hammer Toe; Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura [ITP]; Low Back Pain; Osteoarthritis of Ankle and Foot, Hand or Wrist, Hands, Hip, Hip and Thigh, Knee, Shoulder, and Spine; Osteopenia; Osteoporosis; Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or Knee Pain; Plantar Fasciitis; Polymyalgia Rheumatica [PMR]; Polymyositis; Psoriatic Arthritis; and Raynaud's Disease.

    Additional, Dr. Bunin will see patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sarcoidosis, Sjögren's Syndrome, Spondylitis, Still's Disease, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus [SLE], Systemic Sclerosis, Vasculitis, and Wegener's Granulomatosis.

  • Published: Bernews Online - January 6, 2016

    Dr Amani Flood: Alternative Medicine For Cancer

    Probably the most frightening three words you could ever hear a doctor say are "you have cancer." But cancer is no longer the automatic death sentence that it once was. Today, many people are surviving cancer, some as a result of medical discoveries in the field of cancer treatment and many because of new therapies in the field of alternative medicine.

    The term "alternative medicine" describes a treatment approach that uses only diet, vitamins, herbs, nutritional supplements and mind/body medicine, meaning yoga, meditation and other psychotherapeutic modalities. When alternative medicine is used along with conventional medicine, it is referred to as "complimentary medicine." These approaches both utilize fresh air, clean water, exercise and a healthy lifestyle and are effective both in obtaining optimal wellness and in the treatment of many diseases.

    Scientists now know a lot about the role of diet and nutrition in cancer treatment. For example, medical research proves that diet is important in cancer recovery and prevention. Do you know the dietary changes that you should immediately make if you are diagnosed with cancer?

    It's commonly known that chemotherapy and radiation treatments cause harmful side effects along with the good that they may do. But did you know that there are vitamins and supplements that can help prevent the destruction of your healthy cells while undergoing these cancer treatments?

    We know that cancer cells are hard to destroy. But lab studies indicate that there is a certain metabolic condition in which cancer cells cannot survive. What is it and how can you use this information to make your body an unwelcome host to cancer?

    These simple approaches to treating such a serious disease as cancer may seem too good to be true. You might ask yourself why there aren't more open discussions about it. But you might be surprised to learn that many major cancer treatment centers in America and around the world now use complementary medicine for cancer patients.

    There are thousands of scientific research studies being conducted all over the world on natural substances that could help heal cancer. And there are about as many natural cancer treatments with empirical evidence of their effectiveness. A Google search will turn up hundreds of websites claiming to reveal the one and only magical cure. The truth is there is no magic bullet against cancer, and no single therapy is guaranteed to cure any cancer.

    But if you were diagnosed with cancer, wouldn't you want to do everything you could to increase your survival odds?

    The field of naturopathic oncology is vast and complicated. Attempting to cure your cancer using a layman's information is taking a huge risk with your life. Are you really equipped to sift through the information overload and identify what might really put you on the road to cancer recovery?

    Then there is the question of why do we get cancer in the first place. Do you know your cancer risks? Chances are there were you are doing every day that are known to be cancer causing. Wouldn't you like to know how to potentially avoid ever getting cancer?

    For the answers to all these questions and more, join me on January 23rd and 24th, 2016 at Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center for a weekend symposium where you will have the opportunity to explore the subject of naturopathic therapy and cancer in depth. You will learn more than you ever could have imagined about cancer and about the role of natural medicine in the healing cancer.

    I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed nearly 20 years ago with a type of cancer that many don't survive. Along my healing journey I learned a lot about cancer. I vowed to share this potentially life-saving information with others.

    Some say that the difference between a victor and a victim is that cancer victors believe that remission is possible. Information is the key to unlocking that belief.

    Come hear my story and the survival strategies of other cancer victors. Learn how to increase your odds at surviving and thriving over Cancer!

  • Published: Bernews Online - December 19, 2015

    Video: NMAC Shares Christmas Spirit In Song

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown along with Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center staff in tow hit the streets on Friday [Dec 18] sharing the Christmas Spirit in song as they caroled at the homes of neighborhood seniors and residents.

    Dr. Brown said he takes this opportunity "to wish the community a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and a Prosperous New Year."

  • Published: Bernews Online - December 6, 2015

    Column: Dr James, "What About Cholesterol?"

    What is cholesterol?

    Cholesterol is a soft substance that is found in everybody. It is very important for healthy living. However, if there is too much cholesterol in your blood you are at risk for blockage of your arteries.

    Cholesterol is naturally produced in your body and is found in the foods that you eat. Some people have increased cholesterol in their body even if they don't eat too much cholesterol in their diet.

    When you see your doctor regularly the fats in your body are measured. Two types of cholesterol that are measured in your body are the LDL and HDL. Triglycerides, another type of fat, may be measured as well.

    The LDL cholesterol is often called the bad cholesterol and the HDL cholesterol is called the good cholesterol. If the LDL cholesterol is high you may be at increased risk for heart disease and stroke. The walls of your arteries are vulnerable to being blocked by plaque buildup from the LDL cholesterol. When they get blocked up with plaque they stop the blood flow to your heart and brain.

    What are the symptoms of High Cholesterol?

    NONE! There are no real symptoms of high cholesterol. You only know if you have high cholesterol when your doctor does a test which shows high cholesterol. Finding out about your cholesterol level is very important because it can prevent a stroke or heart attack if treated. Your doctor will work with you to reach your target level based upon your past medical history.

    How high is too high?

    A high level of LDL puts you at risk for heart disease. There are certain things that put you at risk for heart disease. Among those are the following:

    Diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, overweight, older age, male gender, stressed out, inactive and family history. If you have any 2 of these you should definitely see your doctor to determine what is the target LDL and HDL level for you. You should especially see their doctor for evaluation and treatment if you have diabetes, heart disease, stroke or blockage of any of your arteries.

    What must be done to lower cholesterol?

    Many people are fighting to lower their cholesterol and winning the battle with diet, exercise and medicines. You can do it too! Eating foods that are fresh vegetables, fruits and avoiding sugary foods and greasy foods will help. Eating fiber in your diet will also help lower your cholesterol along with stopping smoking if you are a smoker. Maintaining a healthy weight is a very important step to lowering your cholesterol and after consulting with your doctor you should start an exercise program. Finally you may need to have medicine to help you lower your cholesterol, it is better to exercise, eat right and possibly take medicine than to have a heart attack or a stroke.

    This article is written for informational purposes only by Certified Medical Professionals at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC]. It is not for use to diagnose or treat any condition that you may have. Always consult with you doctor.

    NMAC uses a multi-faceted and individual approach to helping one achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and live the best life possible – inside and out – through Family Medicine, Naturopathic, Dermatological, Weight loss and Aesthetic treatments and services. More information on our Medical Professionals and services can be found at

  • Published: The Royal Gazette - November 10, 2015

    Bermudian doctor awarded prize at conference

    Kyjuan Brown was awarded the prize for most outstanding research paper at the annual Caribbean Dermatology Association in Barbados (Photograph supplied)

    A Bermudian doctor has expressed his delight at being awarded a prize for the most outstanding research paper at a conference in Barbados.

    Kyjuan Brown, the director of the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre, was awarded the Professor Hywel Williams Research Prize, also known as the "Apple" Award, at the annual Caribbean Dermatology Association (CDA) conference this weekend.

    "I am in disbelief as this is such a great honour," Dr Brown said. "There were many other more distinguished physicians, authors and researchers than I, yet I was awarded such an honour."

    For the past two and a half years, Dr Brown has been treating people with a variety of hair loss problems and he highlighted his research in his presentation "Doctor, I Now Have Hair!". More than 20 physicians from the United States, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean also presented their work in the field.

    "We present our original research articles or clinical cases in an effort to advance the science of dermatology and my clinical/scientific approach is using combination therapy that was viewed as experimental," Dr Brown said.

    "However, I presented that it actually works, when done correctly, so I outlined the sets which I used and the results that I have seen.

    "This award validates my work, which is an amazing feeling."

    Dr Brown said that as a young physician, who has been practising for about ten years, his treatment methods are sometimes viewed as "not evidence-based" by his colleagues mainly "because they are new, cutting edge and innovative".

    He added that it can often take years to publish research and that the award validated his present direction, "despite the lack of published clinical evidence", which, he said, "does not mean that the treatment does not yield results".

    "What this award says is that the clinical methods I employ in reference to the treatment of patients suffering from hair loss is innovative, forward thinking and out of all the presenters has the greatest relevance to patients in the Caribbean," he told The Royal Gazette.

    "I have other colleagues throughout the world who are keen to learn my methods so as to start treating their own patients who suffer from this devastating condition.

    "This is why I am in such disbelief that little old me from Bermuda, is now effecting change in the treatment of patients with alopecia (hair loss).

    "There is no greater honour than to take what you have learnt and pass that on for the benefit of the wider medical community."

    The "Apple" Award is presented at the end of the CDA conference to the presenter of the most outstanding original research paper with the greatest relevance to the Caribbean.

  • Published: Bernews Online - November 8, 2015

    Dr Kyjuan Brown Wins CDA Award In Barbados

    Bermudian Dr. Kyjuan Brown was awarded the prize for the most outstanding research paper at the annual Caribbean Dermatology Association [CDA] conference held this weekend in Barbados.

    There were presentations from over 20 doctors from the USA, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Cayman Islands, Barbados, and St. Lucia; with Dr Brown's presentation deemed to be the most outstanding.

    Dr Brown accepting the award in Barbados

    The Professor Hywel Williams Research Prize, often referred to as the "Apple Award", is awarded at the end of the the CDA conference to the presenter of the most outstanding original research paper with the greatest relevance to the Caribbean.

    Dr Brown's presentation was called "Doctor, Now I Have Hair!" and it was clinical case presentation on the methods and results of his medical hair restoration program.

    For the past two years Northshore Medical has been treating patients suffering from hair loss, and Dr Brown said that using a combination treatment approach, they have seen patient regrow their hair within 3 to 6 months following treatment.

    One of the photos used in Dr Brown's presentation showing his client results:

    "The basis of the presentation was to show evidence that there are effective medical hair restoration treatments which yield excellent results, as well as to encourage other dermatologists to start to employ my techniques and treatment protocols in an effort to give hope to patients suffering from this disease," Dr Brown said.

    The combination treatment Dr Brown offers includes Low Light Laser Therapy, Protein Right Plasma "PRP" Injections mixed with A Cell Technology, Special Hair Growth Multi Vitamins and Medicated Shampoos.

    Dr Brown after winning the award:

    Speaking after the presentation, Dr. Brown told Bernews, "I am just so overwhelmed, as this was a huge honour. There were over 20 other doctors who presented, many of them with more distinguished careers than mine."

    "I am truly honoured as this was my very first presentation to the Caribbean Dermatology Conference. This just gives further justification to the work I do in Bermuda to treat patients suffering from hair loss. It's no greater honour than to be recognized by your peers for the work you do."

    You can find out more about the hair restoration services at Northshore Medical here on their website.

  • Published: Bernews Online - November 2, 2015

    NMAC Offering Smoking Cessation Program

    Smokers in Bermuda have now been provided with a "cost-effective, quick, supportive and highly successful avenue" to quit smoking, with the Anne Penman Laser Smoking Cessation program available at Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC].

    Under the direction of Anne Penman, Dr. Kyjuan Brown, NMAC Medical Director, and Alexander Dill, Certified Laser Therapist underwent extensive training in New York, the Laser Smoking Cessation Program helps to quit cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco products and consists of three sessions, including Laser Therapy, Guidance, and Continual Support and Motivation.

    A spokesperson said, "Smoking is attributed to numerous health conditions including Lung Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease; it also adversely affects other medical conditions. There are also the cosmetic and socials ills of smoking including the yellowing of teeth, odors and effects of second hand smoke on non-smokers.

    "Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive substance found naturally in tobacco. Nicotine travels quickly to the brain when inhaled causing a feeling of relaxation and/or stress relief. Nicotine can also elevate your mood and heart rate; however this feeling is only temporary and once the body rids itself of the drug one will to crave another cigarette.

    "Like any negative habit, the benefits of quitting far outweigh the risks yet the addiction and false comfort provided makes it difficult to do so. Many cigarette smokers who want to quit often cite the inability to start the process of quitting, cost of a smoking cessation program and fear of the withdrawal symptoms as the main reason or excuses to not making this life-saving decision."

    Mr. Dill said, "I quit smoking the hard way by doing it on my own. I smoked for two years but after feeling my health deteriorating I decided to stop. I had asthma and my breathing was becoming more difficult. Many of our patients were asking us how they could become smoke free, stress free and lose weight, they were also looking for alternative solutions to their health issues.

    "After researching the various programs available we discovered the Anne Penman Laser Therapy method and decided that it would be a great addition to our practice because of its cost, high success rate among other factors."

    "I strongly encourage any smoker to quit now through any avenue that works best for them," added Dr. Brown.

    "However I do highly recommend the Anne Penman Program not because I offer the service but because of the success rates and continual support provided which is essential in combating any addiction. It is my pleasure to announce that Northshore Medical Center has become an Anne Penman Laser Therapy Center."

  • Published: Bernews Online - October 31, 2015

    Northshore Pharmacy Ltd Opens At NMAC

    The Northshore Pharmacy is now available at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre [NMAC], opened by husband and wife team Jonathan and Jennie Lightbourne.

    An NMAC spokesperson said, "Northshore Pharmacy Ltd is one of Bermuda's newest pharmacies recently opened by the husband and wife team of Jonathan and Jennie Lightbourne."

    "Having recently returned to the island after a 13 year course of study and work experience, Jonathan's preparation in the field of Business Process Management and Jennie's training as a Specialist Pharmacist in Medicines Information has qualified this couple to effectively serve the Bermuda community.

    "Jennie looks forward to meeting and consulting with her new clients to meet their healthcare and medicinal needs."

  • Published: Bernews Online - October 30, 2015

    NMAC Expands Aesthetics, Management Team

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director, welcomes Sasha Benson and Alfred Roberts, Spa Coordinator/Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Office Manager respectively to Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC].

    "The addition of these two young, seasoned professionals follows the recent addition of Dr. Stanley James MD and further develops the growing portfolio of Aesthetic Services and Management needs of NMAC," the Center said.

    "Sasha Benson joins the NMAC team with 7 years of experience and knowledge in skincare regimes and techniques following her studies and certification from the International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy. Sasha's approach is one that encompasses all of her technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch.

    "She is a master in many facets of Aesthetics and is Certified and Licensed in a full scope of Medical Aesthetic procedures and Treatments including Skin Tightening , Cold Laser Treatments, Skin Analysis, Customized Facials, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Face & Body Treatments, Acne, and Anti-Aging Treatments. Sasha looks forward to welcoming new and past clients to her new home at NMAC.

    Dr. Stanley James, MD

    "Alfred Roberts, Operations Manager, received his Bachelor of Science degrees in Healthcare Administration and Business Management from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio and a Master of Science in Public Health from New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York.

    "Alfred has had a wide range of experience in both the insurance industry and healthcare industries and has held the roles of Financial Analyst, Claims Analyst, Practicum Coordinator and Hospital Special Projects Manager.

    "His specific areas of expertise include: operational assessment and improvement, re-engineering office processes/procedures, data analysing, compliance programme development, risk management, strategic business planning and marketing, and healthcare project management.

    "As NMAC expands it is imperative that we maintain and improve on the coordination and general operations of the Center. There are a host of exciting additional services that will be introduced in the very near future where the addition and expertise of both Sasha and Alfred will ensure that we continue to be the first consideration of the community for their Medical and Aesthetic needs without compromising the quality care and effective results that we have come to be known for" adds Dr. Brown.

  • Published: Bernews Online - October 27, 2015

    Videos: NMAC Launches New Bio Active Peel

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] recently held a Launch Event for the new Dermalogica Bio Active Peel.

    As noted by Dermalogica the Bio Active Peel is "a chemical peel that works with the skin, not against it. BioActive Peel works in sequential steps with the BioActive Peel Application Method synergistically and safely decrease[s] surface roughness, treat[s] acneic skin conditions, reduce[s] fine lines and help[s] minimize the appearance of pigmentation in the epidermis and dermal-epidermal interface."

    Along with exclusive NMAC discounts, attendees were also treated to massages, tasty and health conscious hors d'oeuvres and BioActive Peel samples and treatments.

    Northshore Medical Bio Active Peel Launch Event

    Bio Active Peel Promo Video

  • Published: Bernews Online - October 17, 2015

    NMAC Launches TLC Programme In Bermuda

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] has taken a new approach to healthcare with the launch of their Disease Prevention Programme, becoming the first in Bermuda to launch the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change [TLC] Programme, aimed at helping to prevent diabetes.

    A spokesperson said, "Northshore Medical & Aesthetic Center is first in Bermuda to launch the 'Therapeutic Lifestyle Change [TLC] Programme' modeled after the Center of Disease Control and Prevention's [CDC] Diabetic Prevention Program [DPP] Curriculum which is evidence based and highly recognized throughout the United States.

    "The TLC program was developed with the oversight of Dr. David Cavan of the International Diabetic Foundation [IDF] and author of the book "Reverse Diabetes". The Diabetes Prevention Program [DPP] was conducted by a wide spectrum of expert scientists and physicians.

    "They discovered that people can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes by losing some weight, eating a healthy diet and increasing their activity. High risk people who followed this program decreased their risk of developing diabetes by 58% and reduced some of their medications."

    Dr. Stanley James, lead physician of the TLC programme, said, "Diabetes and obesity are growing epidemics in Bermuda. They contribute to kidney diseases, heart disease, blindness and amputations. If we are going to make a difference we need to meet you where you are. In the TLC program we supportively coach you into a new lifestyle. Specifically we explore how you live, work, and play.

    "If we can coach you into a new way of enjoying life now, you will really enjoy your life later. Above all else we want you to prosper and be in good health."

    "The TLC Programme harnesses the power of clinical management, group sessions, disease education with cooking classes and exercise. The goal is to encourage patients to lose weight and thereby reduce the risks associated with obesity. Blood sugars and pressures are measured, BMIs checked and lipids followed.

    "The hope is to reduce the impact that obesity related illnesses have on the overall health care system by actively engaging our patients and motivating them with group sessions. The aim is also to inform patients so that they can have the power of knowledge and inspiring them through their clinical encounters with their doctors and lifestyle coach.

    "NMAC Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programme [TLC] started its first class on October 1st, 2015 with a packed house at both the 5:30pm and the 7pm class. Participants are embarking on a 6 month journey to discover new ways of eating, living and moving.

    "The course is all about making positive lifestyle changes that would lead to reduced medication load, more energy, weight loss, and possible reversal of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol."

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Founder and Medical Director of NMAC, said, "My vision is to create a health community not a medical practice. Our focus is patient centered which is evidenced via our many programmes. Apart from the TLC programme we have also started our group exercise classes, free educational seminars, and soon to launch our Healthy Home Cooking Class with Dr. Armani Flood.

    "Our aim at NMAC is on disease prevention and reversal. We have great evidence from Dr. Cavan that it is possible to reverse Diabetes through lifestyle changes i.e. healthy eating and exercise."

    The next cycle of classes starts January 2016; for more information, contact the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre.

  • Published: Bernews Online - September 8, 2015

    Column: Dr James On High Blood Pressure

    Dr. Stanley James, MD

    Do you know someone with high blood pressure? That person may be you. Many times people find out when it is too late [heart attack, stroke or kidney failure]. That is why high blood pressure is called the silent killer. Yet it does not have to take you out. It is east to and there are effective treatments for high blood pressure.

    So what if I have high blood pressure?

    Are you kidding me? High blood pressure can hurt you in many ways. Your heart may enlarge and get weak. Your blood vessels may develop bulges and weak spots than can lead to a heart attack. Your eyes can also be affected by high blood pressure leading to blindness and finally your kidneys may be injured.

    What can I do if I have high blood pressure?

    By losing weight and reducing the salt in your diet you are off to a good start. Additionally, if you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day you will help reduce your blood pressure as well. Being physically active [after talking with your doctor] is one of the best things a person with high blood pressure can do. Finally quitting smoking is a must.

    Do I need to be on medication or drugs for my pressure?

    It depends, some people are able to get their blood pressure down into acceptable ranges simply by losing weight, exercising, sleeping well, managing stress and eating right. Yet for other people despite doing these things their blood pressure remains high. The good news is that there are many different types of medications which can be tailored to your needs. Your doctor will work with you to find the right medication for you.

    What are the side effects?

    Side effects differ depending on the patient and the drug. For some people there are no obvious side effects. For other people there could be dizziness, others have a cough, increased urination is a symptom or certain drugs and still others have swelling of the ankles. One of the most bothersome side effects is difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Instead of stopping the medication if you have any of these symptoms just go to your doctor and he will help you sort it out.

    This article is written for informational purposes only by Certified Medical Professionals at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC]. It is not for use to diagnose or treat any condition that you may have. Always consult with you doctor.

    NMAC uses a multi-faceted and individual approach to helping one achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and live the best life possible – inside and out – through Family Medicine, Naturopathic, Dermatological, Weight loss and Aesthetic treatments and services. More information on our Medical Professionals and services can be found at

  • Published: Bernews Online - August 24, 2015

    NMAC Presentation For Miss Bermuda Winners

    Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center [NMAC] recently held a presentation for Miss Bermuda Alyssa Rose and NMAC Acne Awareness Video Competition winner Miss Pembroke Ligaya Sanchez-Wilson.

    Ms. Rose was awarded a $1,000 NMAC gift certificate and a year's supply of Dermalogica skin care products, while, as the winner of the NMAC video contest, Ms. Sanchez-Wilson was awarded a $500 NMAC gift certificate.

    The presentation was attended by NMAC's Dr. Kyjuan Brown and staff, who said, "Dr. Brown and all the staff at NMAC wish Ms. Rose all the best in her upcoming Ms. World Competition."

    Ms. Rose, who represented Smiths, won the 2015 Miss Bermuda pageant, while Ms. Sanchez-Wilson was the People's Choice winner.

    Voting for the NMAC contest was held until July 12, with the videos submitted by the young ladies still available for viewing online.

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director of NMAC, previously said, "We are pleased to have once again sponsored the Miss Bermuda Pageant and congratulate Miss Smiths Alyssa Rose on winning the 2015 Miss Bermuda and Miss Photogenic titles. We also applaud all the title winners and participants."

  • Published: Bernews Online - August 2, 2015

    Column: Getting Over Your Hangover

    [Written by Dr. Amani Flood, NMD, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at NMAC]

    Bermudians are not strangers to alcohol indulgence, especially over a holiday. After all, its' been said that "Bermudians love to drink." So what can you do if you throw back one too many over Cup Match?

    You've probably heard the rule to drink one glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. But that rule can be hard to follow after about round four. By then you have forgotten all about rules as that blissful boozy feeling takes over. So let's focus on the morning after and how best to feel normal again.

    Firstly, it's not too late to rehydrate. The glass of water trick works because alcohol has a drying effect on the body. So as soon as you wake up, chug down a full large glass of plain water, without anything else in it, which is quickly and easily absorbed.

    Next, take a cold shower. This will get cause your heart to circulate stagnant blood. It will wake up your brain and revive sluggish internal organs.

    Finally, stumble to the kitchen have a blended smoothie made with ice cold juice, spinach or kale leaves, organic berries and protein powder. If all that is too much trouble for your throbbing head, just nibble on cold watermelon slices. This fruit is a powerful internal cleanser and blood purifier. Both of these breakfasts will alkalanize your blood, which the alcohol has caused to be very acidic. Avoid heavy food and stick to salad or soup for now.

    Now comes the most important part – aggressive nutrition. Hopefully you've already stopped by NMAC and stocked up on high quality Multivitamins, minerals, Magnesium and B-12, these are the nutrients that alcohol most depletes. Milk Thistle herb capsules will protect your liver from alcohol induced damage and Selenium, Chromium and Zinc will ensure that you detox from your wayward ways.

    Get some rest and drink all through the day, infusing your water with high dose Vitamin C powder for it's antioxidant effect and soon you will be feeling like your sweet angelic self again.

    This article is written to make you smile but alcoholism is no laughing matter. Answer these standard CAGE questions to see if you may have a problem with drinking:

    • C – Have you ever felt that you should Cut downon drinking?
    • A – Do you get Annoyed when people tell you about your drinking?
    • G – Do you ever experience Guilt about drinking?
    • E – Do you need an Eye-Opener morning cocktail after a night of drinking?

    How many yesses did you get? Only 2? Well, 2 is enough to qualify you for potentially having a problem with drinking!

    Stop by and let us help you with alcohol and any other addictions. While Alcoholic Annonymous is the gold standard for recovery treatment, at NMAC we offer proven therapies including laser needle-less acupuncture, lifestyle counseling, IV replacement nutrition, vitamin B12 shots and other aids to help you on the path to recovery and restored perfect health!

    Be well!

    This article is written for informational purposes only by Certified Medical Professionals at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC]. It is not for use to diagnose or treat any condition that you may have. Always consult with you doctor.

    NMAC uses a multi-faceted and individual approach to helping one achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and live the best life possible – inside and out – through Family Medicine, Naturopathic, Dermatological, Weight loss and Aesthetic treatments and services. More information on our Medical Professionals and services can be found at

  • Published: Bernews Online - July 15, 2015

    Ligaya Sanchez-Wilson Wins NMAC Contest

    Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center [NMAC] hosted the 2015 Miss Bermuda Pageant contestants on June 20, resulting in an Acne Awareness Video Competition, won by Miss Pembroke Ligaya Sanchez-Wilson.

    Ms. Sanchez-Wilson was also the 2015 pageant's People's Choice winner.

    Voting for the NMAC contest was held until July 12 — with the videos submitted by the young ladies still available for viewing online — and Ms. Sanchez-Wilson wins a $500 NMAC gift certificate.

    Photos by Donovin Seymour, hair and nails by Impressions Hair & Nail Artistry. makeup by O'Faces.

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director of NMAC, said, "We are pleased to have once again sponsored the Miss Bermuda Pageant and congratulate Miss Smiths Alyssa Rose on winning the 2015 Miss Bermuda and Miss Photogenic titles.

    "We also applaud all the title winners and participants and look forward to presenting the campaign winner in the near future."

  • Published: Bernews Online - July 08, 2015

    Vote: Miss Bermuda Contestants NMAC Contest

    Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center [NMAC] hosted the 2015 Miss Bermuda Pageant contestants on June 20, with the young ladies learning about acne and the various treatments aimed at eliminating it, with a resulting Acne Awareness Video Competition to see the winner receive a $500 NMAC Gift Certificate.

    Voting for the contest is currently taking place online until July 12 at 5.00pm.

    A spokesperson said, "During the visit were educated on the skin condition, which affects 85 percent of the world's population at some point of their lives.

    "Each contestant received a range of treatments, including Dermalogica signature facials, microdermabrasion, professional skin analysis, laser hair removal, laser acne treatments and laser lipo.

    "Each also received free skin care products by Dermalogica, the leading skin care line in the world.

    "An Acne Awareness Competition was also held, with each contestant creating their own Acne Awareness Video Campaign. The winning campaign will be decided by on your vote and will win a $500 NMAC Gift Certificate.

    "Voting closes on Sunday, July 12 at 5.00pm and will be announced on the NMAC Facebook page on Monday, July 13.

    "To view the Acne Competition videos and cast your vote, click here."

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director of NMAC, said, "We are pleased to have once again sponsored the Miss Bermuda Pageant and congratulate Miss Smiths Alyssa Rose on winning the 2015 Miss Bermuda and Miss Photogenic titles. We also applaud all the title winners and participants and look forward to presenting the campaign winner in the near future."

    To cast your vote in the video contest, visit online before July 12 at 5.00pm.

  • Published: Bernews Online - July 04, 2015

    Column: The Naturopathic Approach To Acne

    [Written by Dr. Amani Flood, NMD, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at NMAC]

    Did you know that healthy skin begins within? Your outward appearance is a reflection of internal health, so part of any plan to achieve radiant skin is to be aware of what you put into your body and what you should leave out.

    One thing to be sure to leave out is sugar. Sugar causes inflammation, which is the underlying cause of big red pimples.

    All junk foods that are loaded with salt and fat can encourage acne outbreaks. On the other hand, foods that are high in nutrients, such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains, will keep the skin clear, the pores tight and help your skin be more resistant to infections.

    Vitamin C is an important nutrient for skin, by providing collagen which will increase skin thickness and elasticity. Take 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day.

    Vitamin A, which is the source of retinol, is very good for helping you have clear skin. Also the nutrients biotin and silica participate in the production of healthy skin.

    Drinking lots of water will keep the skin hydrated and looking plump and healthy. Dry skin is much less elastic and more susceptible to bacterial outbreaks. Drink up to one-half your body weight in ounces of pure water daily, to a maximum of one gallon per day.

    Poor digestion is implicated in acne outbreaks. Use dandelion tea, myrrh, probiotics and digestive enzymes to boost hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Uva Ursi herb is nutritive for the kidneys, and will help your body eliminate toxins through urine instead of eliminating through the skin.

    Avoid excess sun exposure but be cautious with sunscreens. Use natural products that are zinc based and that provide protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays. Wear a floppy hat and sunglasses when the sun is bright overhead to avoid sunburn and keep the skin supple.

    Vitamin D is an important nutrient to take when you are avoiding the sun. Take 1,000 IU per day to maintain a healthy level.

    Inspect your skin for outbreaks when they are small and use a drop of pure tea tree oil mixed with jojoba oil directly on the pimple as a natural way to kill the bacteria. Dab it with a cotton ball, trying not to rupture the pimple which can cause scarring.

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center carries a full line of skin products, including gentle cleansers and moisturizers. We also carry a line of quality nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to meet your nutrient needs.

    Come in for complimentary skin mapping to show you dry vs oily areas on your face. Our medical team can create a personal skin wellness plan tailored specifically to your problem areas, and recommend products and supplements to help your skin be soft and clear as a newborn baby.

    This article is written for informational purposes only by Certified Medical Professionals at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC]. It is not for use to diagnose or treat any condition that you may have. Always consult with you doctor.

    NMAC uses a multi-faceted and individual approach to helping one achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and live the best life possible – inside and out – through Family Medicine, Naturopathic, Dermatological, Weight loss and Aesthetic treatments and services. More information on our Medical Professionals and services can be found at

  • Published: The Royal Gazette. June 10, 2015

    Helping others using alternative healing

    "I am going to die." That was Amani Flood's first thought when she received a cancer diagnosis.

    "I fell ill one day and thought I had the flu," she said. "It turned out to be something much more serious — non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer originating in the lymphatic system. I was in my 30s."

    Doctors said her prognosis was not good and there was not much they could do in terms of treatment.

    She turned to alternative medicine as a recourse — and she started believing that survival was possible.

    "A cancer diagnosis is a shock. You think to yourself, 'I'm going to die'," she said. "But then the will to live kicks in and you try to think of how you can survive. I read lots of survivor stories, and that is what encouraged me and made me believe that if they could do it, I could also survive.

    "I had a young son at the time and I did not want to leave him motherless. That was another big motivating factor."

    Dr Flood believes that believing in your own survival is an important part of healing.

    "I undertook a totally natural treatment plan and fully recovered without chemotherapy, surgery or radiation."

    Eighteen years later, she's still healthy and is a naturopathic doctor at Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre in Devonshire.

    She advises people to use natural medicine to complement traditional cancer treatment, rather than as an alternative to it.

    "New cancer treatments have come along since I was sick," said Dr Flood, who is now in her 50s. "Medical doctors have all the diagnostic tests and can tell you the progression or remission of your condition.

    "People should not go off on their own like I did, it can be very dangerous. I had no choice."

    She took up her post at Northshore Medical in March, and dispenses advice on a diverse range of issues including weight loss, diabetes management and attention deficit disorder. "I see patients of all kinds," she said. "I do acupuncture, homeopathy, mind and body medicine and mood disorders. It is a pretty broad scope."

    She wasn't always so passionate about healthy living despite having had a health scare as a young child.

    "My grandparents were farmers, but I had no interest in vegetables," said Dr Flood, who grew up in San Francisco, California. "All I wanted was hamburgers and milkshakes. They tried everything but I was given to vomiting and they gave up, eventually. I was born with a small ovarian tumour. After several surgeries, I was prone to stomachaches."

    Her diet improved while a student at the University of San Francisco.

    "I met a group of students who were vegetarians and were into more progressive thinking," she said. "After experimenting with a better lifestyle I noticed the difference in my life. It took me a long time of experimenting with healthy food to enjoy it.

    "I love vegetables now, because I have learnt they should not be overcooked until they are slimy. Vegetables actually have a lot of natural sugars in them. If you prepare them right, the sugars come out and vegetables taste quite delicious."

    She came to Bermuda 30 years ago to work in management and corporate administration and kept her interest in natural medicine.

    "I was always that person who knew about herbs and natural remedies," she said. "My friends and family would call me and say, 'I have a cold', or 'I have the flu, what can I take?' I was always there with my books and reference materials. I would say, 'Get more vitamin C', or 'Put a hot pad on it'."

    Eventually, she began looking at how she could become qualified in natural healing. At age 50 she enrolled as a full-time student in a four-year doctoral programme in natural medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    "It was a good time because my son, Akin Richardson, was grown and out of the house," she said. "I had a foster daughter and she had grown up. Natural medicine was a huge leap from what I'd done before. I really enjoyed my profession, but it was time to change. I decided to become a doctor so that I could help others heal."

    She admitted it wasn't easy going back to school. To get by she learnt study strategies from younger students.

    "I was able to dig in and apply my all," she said. "By the grace of God I made it. I believe I am the only naturopathic doctor on the Island with a doctorate."

    She's thrilled to be helping others, but concedes there are limitations to what she can do.

    "We can diagnose and treat," she said. "Anyone can dispense advice, but when it comes to giving a diagnosis and treatment then you need to be a qualified person.

    "Medical doctors are internists and can go inside the body cavity. Naturopathic doctors cannot. We are limited to the superficial body. The most we can do is skin tag removal and things like that."

    Naturopathic doctors are not licensed in Bermuda, something Dr Flood would like to change. "Because the Bermuda Government does not license naturopathic doctors, anyone can put a shingle outside and claim to be a naturopathic doctor," she said. "It is in the public's best interest to have licensing happen in the course of time. Because it is unregulated that means there are no restrictions and no guidelines."

    To others thinking about going back to school, she said: "It is never too late. Don't give up on your dreams."

  • Published: Bernews Online - May 27, 2015

    Clinical Massage Therapy Introduced At NMAC

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] announced the addition of Joseph Pereira, Certified Clinical Massage Therapist, to their team.

    A spokesperson said, "Joseph A. Pereira graduated from Keiser University in Melbourne. He is member of the American and Bermuda Massage Therapy Associations.

    "Joseph holds extensive hours of training and is fully certified in every modality of massage that he practices including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, and Hot Stone Massage.

    "During his training he worked with professional athletes from various international rowing teams that train year round in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, USA.

    "Joseph encourages his clients to be active participants in their healing process and as a practitioner brings balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit through particular breathing techniques and his nurturing and therapeutic touch."

    Mr Pereira said, "I am very passionate about the field of massage therapy and hope to continue to educate the public about the benefits of massage and making massage an affordable and valuable part of my clients' wellness plans".

    In addition to the Clinical Massage services offered, by-the-minute Chair Massage is also available for a fast and effective way to relieve tension.

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown added, "Besides the aches and pains massage relieves there is researched benefits of massage that complements traditional medical care.

    "Massage therapy has been show to benefit patient with Depression, Stress, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Constipation, Sciatica and Swelling just to name a few. The addition of Mr. Pereira expertise broadens the spectrum of alternative care available at NMAC as well as is partial covered by all major insurance companies."

  • Published: Bermuda Real. - May 23, 2015

    One man's battle of the bulge with a 40-day medical weight loss program

    Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center's lose 40 pounds in 40 days program.

    When Scott Brown decided to sign up for a medical weight loss program his blood pressure was high and he was on the borderline to becoming a full-fledged diabetic.

    At age 49 and weighing 258 pounds, deep down inside he knew it was time to get a new jump start on life to reach his ultimate goal to shed up to 60 pounds before the age of 50.

    Scott Brown, who has shed several pounds during his weight loss program .

    After a friend told him about the HCG Diet offered by the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center (NMAC), he went online to read more about it. "I read the testimonials, the program seemed sound and helpful," he said. So he signed up in March to lose 40 pounds in 40 days.

    Halfway through he was well on his way, his blood pressure readings were normal and he was no longer a borderline diabetic. In 40 days he lost 32lbs with plans to drop another 30lbs.

    By the time it ended on May 23 Scott weighed in at 228lbs. Now he's exercising twice a week to get below the 200lb mark, after Cup Match he will decide whether or not he do the HCG Diet again.

    Developed in the 1950s, the HCG Diet requires daily hormone injections of Human Charionic Gonadotropin, a naturally occurring hormone found in pregnant women to "ensure proper nutrients to a developing baby".

    HCG mobilizes the body's "stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as food which allows a person to subsist more on their stored fat than on what they eat". It also "triggers the body to provide a constant flow of food received from the fat that your body is breaking down".

    According to the literature, "one pound of body fat stores up to 2,000 calories, once body fat is made fluid nutrition can be released to the bloodstream and reduce hunger".

    Dairy products are eliminated and after loading up on fattening foods for the first two days, participants follow a strict diet of 500 calories a day; supplemented by multi-vitamins and minerals with morning HCG injections. There's also frequent 'apple days' when dieters eat six large apples within a 24-hour period and drink nothing but water.

    Despite the use of a female hormone, ironically, men do better than women on the HCG Diet. Surprisingly there's minimal to no side effects for men who tend to lose more weight than women.

    For Scott the transition wasn't easy. He experienced heavy sugar cravings for sweets and junk food, especially at night. "I was missing sugar a lot during the first week. Watching my colleagues at work eating whatever they had to eat around me was difficult as well," he said.

    "I never felt weak I just felt irritable and I found that the cravings were worse around mid-afternoon and at night when I would snack the most."

    Scott Brown's consultation session with NMACs Health and Life Coach, Alex Dill.

    Those issues were addressed weekly in the consultation sessions required with NMACs Health and Life Coach Alex Dill, who begins each session with a weigh in.

    BermudaReal sat in on a session with Scott halfway through the program. On this day he admitted that he went off track the day before while celebrating his third wedding anniversary.

    "I didn't have a starch, I was very good with that. I just had extra vegetables but the steak wasn't small, it was a big steak with steak sauce which has sugar in it as well with a glass of wine."

    But he wasn't castigated for eating a large steak or for having a glass of wine. Instead Mr Dill said: "The main thing is knowing what to do when they go off track, and what to do the next day.

    "If they go off track they do an apple day, the apples help to reset the weight and help with digestion. It's going to help with the release of water as well and help to reset that weight loss to get you back on track."

    At this stage Scott had lost a total of 18.8 lbs at a steady rate and Mr Dill was pleased with his progress. "We're trying to lose weight the safe way, we don't want to overdo it or restrict you too much and you're still eating some normal balanced meals," he said.

    Those meals include lean protein sources with a "good range of low calorie vegetables as well as some snacks". Fruits and vegetables are the main snacks with gluten free crackers and melba toast.

    Scott basically stuck to apples for snacks. "I was on strawberries but I went to the store and strawberries were $12 a pack," he said. "They only had local strawberries and I was like I will stick with apples for now and call it a day."

    Prior to the HCG Diet he said: "I would eat whatever, chips, chocolates, and all the sweet tooth stuff would do. Somebody told me the Old Dutch Chips are gluten free so I ate them as well."

    The one thing stressed throughout the program is that sugar is the biggest hidden culprit when it comes to healthy diets. "These include processed foods as well so there's other things besides sugar that could be adding to our health conditions," said Mr Dill.

    HCG dieters are encouraged to stay away from the high-end sugar fruits like grapes which are one of the highest natural sugar fruits on the glycemic index used as a guide for blood glucose or blood sugar levels.

    Mr Dill noted that glycemic foods "give you sugar spikes and insulin spikes" . "Our bodies only need so much sugar at a time but when we go overboard what happens to the rest of the sugar?

    "If our cells are not using that sugar to be used for energy the rest of it swims in your blood stream and does absolutely nothing. Some of it metabolises and turns into fat, over time as we eat medium to high glycemic foods we usually gain weight.

    "Low glycemic foods are digested and broken down in a slower period of time so you can actually use it for energy throughout a longer period as opposed to high glycemic foods," he added.

    "On average women lose about a half-a-pound-a day, men tend to lose about one pound a day. There's a difference as male bodies are a bit less complicated so they lose a bit more. It looks like he's losing about a pound a day.

    "When we started Scott's blood pressure was 151 over 98 which is high, today he's 131 over 78. That's a tremendous drop and his weight loss has definitely contributed to that and he was pre-diabetic. By the end of the program he should be out of the pre-diabetic range and back into the normal range which is good."

    Asked how the program has helped Scott replied: "Physically I feel better, my clothes fit nicely and my work pants feel a bit loose now. "I've gone from a 40 waist down to a 38 and I still have 36s in my closet. Right now the 38s are comfortable."

    But more importantly he said the program taught him how to choose and maintain a healthy diet by avoiding extra sugar, salt, and other food additives.

    Scott Brown weighing in before commencing his program.

    It was a big adjustment but now I'm looking at food labels and the recommended servings, especially with things like ketchup which has sugar in it. Your taste buds change so I don't need to have sauce, I can just eat my food plain so I definitely eat differently now."

    When his waistline slimmed down he said: "The HCG injections started to sting a bit more. I was injecting the hormone virtually in the same areas around my waist every day and when I first started there was a lot more to just grab and stick."

    He laughed when he said his "love handles were slimming down which is probably why the injections started to sting more" . "There's not much there now so I guess that's a good thing."

    Apart from losing weight, Mr Dill stressed that the main goal is to change the dieters mind set on how to eat.

    "With this diet you're eating natural whole foods and you're staying away from processed foods as well. Once they get into the flow of eating these foods they adapt and their taste buds change. They realize that they don't need processed foods, the sugars and salt as much as they used to," he said.

    "If they continue to eat similar to what they've learned on the program they will be fine and they'll keep the weight off. After they finish we have a maintainance program where we teach them what foods they can introduce back into their lifestyle with exercise."

    NMAC also offers natural weight loss programs without the use of hormones. But the high point for Mr Dill is the re-learning process on what we put in our mouths daily.

    "You see that they're learning - they're actually paying attention to what's going in their mouths, and that's the important thing that we want them to get," said Mr Dill.

    "When they finish the program they're educated, they're more aware and they're being mindul of what they're eating."

    We'll take a look at the weight loss of a female HCG dieter in part two of this feature.

  • Published: Bernews Online - April 16, 2015

    Northshore Medical Welcomes Dr. Amani Flood

    Northshore Medical Center has welcomed Dr. Amani Flood who holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

    "Dr. Flood is a Board Certified Physician who provides a natural approach to Primary Care and is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona," the company said.

    "The medical curriculum emphasized diet, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy as well as Medical Pharmacology.

    "Her main areas of Practice are General Medicine, Naturopathic Weight Loss, Medical Detoxification, Food Sensitivity Testing and Anti-Ageing. Dr. Flood's Special Interests are Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Cancer and Community Education. She is also certified in IV nutrition as treatment for immune enhancement, viral infections, substance abuse and supportive care for cancer patients.

    "Blending evidence-based alternative therapies with conventional medical protocols, she provides the safest and most effective solution to each patient's needs. While battling cancer herself she used only naturopathic medicine to survive lymphoma. This experience motivated her to share the power of natural healing with others.

    "Dr. Flood can be engaged for lectures on topics including Anti-Aging, Elder Care, Childhood Asthma, Autism and ADD. She enjoys participating in health fairs and conducting workshops. NMAC will soon launch cooking classes in our specially designed kitchen as Dr. Flood will demonstrate recipes for weight management, heart health and adopting a plant based diet."

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director of NMAC has continuously grown his practice by listening to the needs of his patients, following the latest medical and aesthetic developments and trends and generally familiarizing himself with the community at large. "

    I am pleased to have Dr. Flood join the team at NMAC. The expertise and wide ranging services she provides will be a benefit to those who look to complement or seek alternatives to their current health options" says Dr. Brown.

  • Published: Bernews Online - March 25, 2015

    Northshore Medical Earns COLA Accreditation

    Northshore Medical Laboratory, a division of the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center, which is under the leadership of Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown, has met all criteria for Laboratory Accreditation by COLA, a national healthcare accreditation organization.

    The company said, "Accreditation is given only to laboratories that apply rigid standards of quality in day to day operations, demonstrate continuous accuracy in the performance of proficiency testing, and pass a rigorous on-site laboratory survey and inspection."

    Northshore Medical Laboratory Recognized for Quality Laboratory Services

    "Northshore Medical Laboratory has earned COLA accreditation as a result of a long-term commitment to provide quality service to its patients."

    The accreditation comes following other efforts to improve the level of services at Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center, with Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown successfully completing the Bauman Certified HairCoachMD Training Program last year.

    Bauman training educates medical professionals on how to detect and monitor male and female pattern hair loss, perform hair re-growth treatments, as well as provide patients with actionable information and effective preventative treatment options.

  • Published: The Royal Gazette. January 14, 2015.

    Sugar addiction – you may have it!


    Learn about sugar: Preston James, who says eating addictions are linked to what we were taught when we were very young ((Photo by Akil Simmons))

    So your New Year's resolution to stop drinking alcohol and soda has come to nought.

    And those Quality Streets and potato chips you swore off completely on December 31? You're still eating them.

    Don't beat yourself up. According to a new study, you're normal.

    It seems that people get addicted to all the "extras" they buy over the holidays — and most of it is junk.

    "Sugar addiction is a big thing," said Preston James, a local nutrition and lifestyle coach who works out of the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre.

    "It's part of society, especially when it comes to holidays and special events. There are scientific studies that show sugar is more addictive than cocaine."

    The study found that household spending on grocery items increases by 33 percent over the holidays. The spending dropped slightly after New Year's Day, but then rose even higher than at Christmas.

    People bought about 16 percent more calories during the holidays. Ninety-one percent of the increase came from high-calorie, low-nutrition foods, reported online magazine PLOS One.

    According to Mr James, most of us don't need a New Year's resolution, we need a life change. "If they're not changing their lifestyle it can be a real challenge for them," he said. "They're still involved in behaviours that are self-destructive but think, if I exercise or diet I'll be okay."

    The health expert said a man approached him last year, wanting to get in the best shape of his life for his 50th birthday.

    "He gave me his goals, we created a road map, but I knew he'd have to get off sugar," Mr James said.

    He coached the man to improve his diet through weekly visits, substituting healthy foods such as greens, for items high in sugar.

    "Basically, over time, it's a flushing out rather than a cutting out," he said. "Sometimes when you're cutting out you don't know what to substitute so you have to relearn a whole new way of living and eating.

    "We made step by step nutritional and lifestyle changes."

    He taught the man how to read information on the back of a food package so he better understood how ingredients dictate the calorie count.

    Within three months the man had removed the sugar from his diet. When he turned 50 last October, he weighed about 50lbs less.

    Said Mr James: "When he first started he couldn't do a sit up or a plank. He's now running four miles every other day."

    Our eating addictions are linked to what we're taught when we're very young, he added.

    "It starts with baby formula and all the way through childhood — a reward system with parents. So it can be challenging."

    He said that understanding sugar in its many forms is key to making a lifestyle change.

    "Sugar is in 70 percent to 80 percent of foods in the grocery store. It's hidden under various names. What I'm finding in my coaching practice is it's difficult [to reduce consumption] in moderation. It's not just coffee, cake or a cookie, it's in tomato sauce, in bread, in meat and in pasta.

    "So it's a big topic when it comes to people thinking of cardio exercise and burning off calories [which], in my view, is close to impossible. Sugar hits the liver and goes into the pancreas where insulin is created, and turns into fat. A cookie may take 20 minutes to burn off. If you have fries, milk with cornflakes and coffee, salad with dressing, you'd have to quit your job just to burn it all off.

    "It's not about cutting things out. It's about consistently adding new foods; a change in lifestyle. People think that they can change their diet but they need to change their way of thinking."

    Contact Mr James on 293-5476 or 703-3663. Alternatively, e-mail

  • Published: Bermuda Real. November 28, 2014.

    Youth and beauty is big business in Bermuda.


    Youth and beauty is big business worldwide and it's no different here in Bermuda. And there's no limit to what some would spend to keep their looks youthful - even if it means injecting chemicals into their faces or plastic surgery.

    For Bermudian Dr Kyjuan Brown, it has become a lucrative business. And would you believe there are just as many men seeking treatment at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center day.

    He has been practicing locally for six years, four years with a group practice and as lead physician at his own practice for the past two years where he offers general medicine and aesthetics with a specialty in dermatology, hair, nails and skin.

    His colleague Preston James is a board certified health counselor licensed by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners to practice as a counselor for nutrition and lifestyle choices.

    He supports the 600 patients enrolled in their medical weight loss programme. That support is offered while patients transition into the programme as well, many of them with serious medical issues caused by diabetes and obesity.

    In part one of another Bermuda Real series we take a look at the issue of avoiding the hands of time and ageing through modern medicine.

  • Published: The Royal Gazette - November 12, 2014

    Inside the hCG diet: How it made a big difference for Geoffrey and Corinne

    Geoffrey Butler-Durrant before the hCG weight loss programme.

    Geoffrey Butler Durrant has lost weight 50lbs under the hCG weight loss programme. Photo David Skinner

    hCG: A few facts

    A few facts on hCG from Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre director Kyjuan Brown:

    How many clients lose weight with this diet?

    Ninety-five percent of our patients lose more than 10lbs.

    Who is the ideal candidate?

    Any healthy person who wants to lose weight is the ideal candidate.

    Who should not try it?

    Patients with end stage medical diseases, patients who have had cancers or bleeding disorders or blood clotting disorders should not try it.

    Are there any negative side effects?

    The only negative side effect is constipation

    Is Northshore the only place in Bermuda offering this?

    We are the only centre offering this in Bermuda.

    How much does it cost?

    The patient's co-pay is $500 to $600 and insurance covers the rest.

    If Geoffrey Butler Durrant is looking a little radiant these days, it might be the pregnancy hormones.

    The 70-year-old lost 50lbs by taking shots of hCG, the hormone women make when they are pregnant.

    It's an extreme diet that's made headlines in the US, largely because of the dramatic weight loss associated with it — up to a pound a day.

    "I had such a beautiful physique of almost 285lbs," said Mr Durrant. "I was tired of the way I was feeling. I had no energy. I tried diets before but nothing seemed to work. To be honest, I don't like exercise very much."

    The shots didn't only help him lose weight. He's also been able to come off medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, since he started the programme a year ago.

    "I will always have diabetes," he said, "but I am controlling it myself now."

    Mr Durrant did the programme through Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre in Devonshire. About 500 people have tried the diet since the Devonshire clinic began offering it three years ago.

    The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone causes fat stored in the body to be released into the blood stream. In an actual pregnancy this fat would be used by the mother and developing baby. In someone who isn't pregnant, it can cause weight loss.

    Corinne Frith weighed 213lbs when she started the programme. So far she's lost about 27lbs; she'd like to lose another 40.

    "I did feel nervous about taking a pregnancy hormone," the 50-year-old said, "but to tell you the truth I never felt better. I had more energy and I felt more positive."

    People doing the programme must inject themselves with hCG for several weeks. This alone, might make some people squeamish.

    "At first, I did have flashbacks to primary school where the school nurse would come in and give you a needle," Mr Durrant said. "But I managed."

    Ms Frith agreed.

    "I am not a needle person," she said. "The first injection was done with my eyes closed. You get used to it after awhile."

    The programme is divided into phases. Calories are initially restricted to between 500 and 800 a day for 40 days, and exercise is restricted to a walk for enjoyment.

    "There is a meal plan," Ms Frith said. "You eat six small meals a day. Surprisingly, I really didn't feel hungry. You don't overeat, but you eat more fat than is normal."

    The calorie restrictions are relaxed to 1,500 in the second phase of the programme.

    "Neither phase involves any particular exercise," said Mr Durrant.

    For Ms Frith and Mr Durrant, the best part of it all was getting the compliments.

    "People come up to me and remark on it," said Mr Durrant. "They say 'looking good'. That is a really nice feeling to hear that."

    Ms Frith said she always felt a little self-conscious about her weight, but is now walking with her head held high.

    "I feel better about the way I look," she said. "I can look in the mirror again. I didn't like doing that before. It is about how you feel in your clothes and how you feel about yourself. If any programme makes you feel more confident, it makes a big difference."

    Northshore monitors its clients regularly. Director Kyjuan Brown regularly warns that the programme isn't a long-term solution.

    "The majority of our patients are keeping the weight off," said Dr Brown.

    "Our teaching and training is about lifestyle and how to eat to maintain your weight. [That] can lead to long-term results. If a patient wants to go back and re-eat the world, then they will regain their weight. To make the programme sustainable and more life changing we include, at no additional charge, a nutritionist and life coach."

    People have used hCG injections for weight loss since the 1950s. They were brought back into the limelight by celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz through his popular television show, The Dr Oz Show.

    Proponents cite the rapid weight loss without any impact on muscle or bone mass.

    The programme is not without controversy. A 1995 report by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology showed no relationship between hCG and weight loss. Some argue that the rapid weight loss is due to the extreme calorie restrictions. Mr Durrant said his weight loss was definitely noticeable.

    "My trousers were loose," he said. "My shirts were suddenly hanging off me. At first I didn't know whether to go and buy more clothes or wait. You can spend $500 on clothes in Bermuda and not feel as though you bought anything."

    A year after the programme he is finished with the injections. He now eats what he wants to eat — in moderation.

    "I know that if I eat too much one day, the next day I will eat lightly and maybe just have coffee and a grapefruit for breakfast and an apple for lunch."

  • Published: Today in Bermuda - December 7, 2014

    Stephens and Hoey win Turkey Trot 10K .

    It's time for the Turkey Trot

    Kevin Stephens and Rose-Anna Hoey ran to victory in the 2014 Northshore Medical Center Turkey Trot 10K hosted by Swans Running Club.

    Stephens clocked a time of 39.00, with Craig Rothwell finishing second with a time of 39.29 and Hoey finished 3rd overall clocking a time of 39.32.

    Ronae Burgess rounded out the podium for the Men when he crossed the line 4th with a time of 40.08. Melissa Logie was the second Female finisher and 17th overall with a time of 45.42 and Anne Kermode finished 21st overall and was the third Female finisher clocking 47.59.

    2014 Northshore Medical Center Turkey Trot 10K Running Results

    39.00 Kevin Stephens
    39.29 Craig Rothwell
    39.32 Rose-Anna Hoey
    40.08 Ronae Burgess
    40.23 Trevor Lindsay
    40.51 Justin Brenden
    40.54 Peter Gracey
    41.48 Jahmai Lottimore
    42.28 Rolando Wilson
    42.34 Charlie Withers-Clarke
    43.45 Larry Hodge
    44.09 Luis Muso
    44.50 Mike Gutteridge
    45.03 Giles Spurling
    45.15 Anthony Prentice
    45.26 Otis Ingham
    45.42 Melissa Logie
    45.44 Keith Robinson
    45.47 Mike Schindel
    47.37 Christopher Jones
    47.59 Anne Kermode
    48.21 Mairi Redmond
    48.30 Milan Oleksak
    48.50 Edward Harris
    48.58 Gemma Holden
    49.07 Allison Schindel
    49.32 Ian Henderson
    49.38 Steven Ortiz
    49.43 Zina Jones
    49.44 Grensy Quintero
    50.41 Bonnie Mills
    51.30 Robin Holder
    52.07 Melissa Chudleigh
    52.16 Melina Tyers
    52.17 Danie De Lange
    52.48 Jeffrey Tyrrell
    52.54 Michael Whalley
    52.55 Preston James Ephraim II
    52.57 Kate Tomkins
    53.18 Mark Chudleigh
    53.29 Rebecca Shepherd
    53.30 Nicole Rozon
    54.09 Fernando De Deus
    54.44 Sean Simmons
    55.26 Rachel Rothwell
    55.38 Betty Doyling
    55.39 Gavin O'Connor
    55.43 Ali Hochberg
    56.44 Simon Fraser
    57.28 Mayberline Black
    58.11 Liz Craig
    58.46 Carol Griffith
    59.34 Darnell Wynn
    1.00.33 Caroline Stockdale
    1.00.50 Javier Otameni
    1.01.41 Edwina Arorash
    1.02.04 Michelle Cardwell
    1.04.00 Margaret Burgess-Howie
    1.04.57 Lesley-Jane Smith
    1.05.50 Alshia Lugo
    1.06.53 Elvin Thomas
    1.07.23 Leonie Dill
    1.08.30 Matthew Paul
    1.08.34 Florence Sharpe-Trott
    1.10.06 Reggie Young
    1.12.43 Elizabeth Arnold
    1.23.26 Dilario Robinson
    1.26.49 Rickado Phipps

    2014 Northshore Medical Center Turkey Trot 10K Walking Results

    1.15.56 Junior Watts
    1.22.09 Kadian Plumadore
    1.22.43 Rick Plumadore
    1.27.03 Shae Burgess
    1.29.56 Jhoel Prevendido

  • Published: Today in Bermuda - December 1, 2014

    It's time for the Turkey Trot.

    It's time for the Turkey Trot

    You're invited to Turkey Trot along North Shore as part of Swan's Running Club's annual Turkey Trot 10K road race and walk this Sunday.

    Sponsored for the second year by Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center (NMAC), The Turkey Trot, which started in 1987 with an original course around the Sound, starts at NMAC (near Sea View Gym), continues east on North Shore to Terceira's Shell Gas Station, heads back on Northshore, West to Ingham Vale, (near PCC Club) and again turning around to finish at NMAC.

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director at NMAC says "NMAC is pleased to sponsor this longstanding event for our second year. In keeping with our desire to support the community and promote wellness the Turkey Trot fits ideally with our mission".

    Prizes will be awarded to the overall male and female winners, top three male and female in each age category and top three walkers. There are also Draw prizes that all finishers are eligible to win which in past races included prizes for the best fancy dress or slowest participant.

    Registration Forms are available at Sportseller, in Washington Mall and Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center and must be returned no later than 4:30 pm, 5 December. Online Registration can be made at no later than 5pm, 5 December

    Number pick-up and late entries will be at NMAC on Saturday 6 December from 10am to 1pm.

  • Published: Bernews Online - December 1, 2014

    Entries Open For Annual Turkey Trot Run/Walk


    Sponsored for the second year by Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC], The Turkey Trot, which started in 1987 with an original course around the Sound, starts at NMAC [near Sea View Gym], continues east on North Shore to Terceira's Shell Gas Station, heads back on Northshore, West to Ingham Vale, [near PCC Club] and again turning around to finish at NMAC.

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Medical Director at NMAC says "NMAC is pleased to sponsor this longstanding event for our second year. In keeping with our desire to support the community and promote wellness the Turkey Trot fits ideally with our mission".

    Prizes will be awarded to the overall male and female winners, top three male and female in each age category and top three walkers.

    There are also Draw prizes that all finishers are eligible to win which in past races included prizes for the best fancy dress or slowest participant.

    Entries Open For Annual Turkey Trot Run/Walk

    Registration Forms are available at Sportseller, in Washington Mall and Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center and must be returned no later than 4:30 pm, 5 December. Online Registration can be made at no later than 5pm, 5 December

    Number pick-up and late entries will be at NMAC on Saturday 6 December from 10am to 1pm.

  • Published: The Royal Gazette - August 29, 2014

    Helping others find a better way in life

    Finding a better way: Nutrition and life coach Preston James

    It was back when Preston James was working as a fitness coach that he noticed that some clients devotedly followed all the nutrition and exercise routines and still did not lose weight.

    "This was the defining moment for me," said Mr James. "One particular client and I were involved in three to four sessions a week. She was exercising hard and seeing a nutritionist to eat right. If you are engaged in spinning and cardio and have your meals sorted, something should happen."

    But, it wasn't happening. The client's weight wasn't going down.

    "She came to me really disheartened and upset," he said. "We had a talk. It came up that she was really unhappy with her life. What I learned from that is no matter how much you eat or what you eat, and no matter how much you exercise, if you aren't happy, your physical body won't change. It is almost as though you have mental or emotional weight that needs to be addressed at the emotion and thought level."

    The discovery led Mr James to change his career course. For the last five or six years he has been working with Dr Kyjuan Brown, at Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center, as a nutrition and life coach.

    That means that he looks at diet and exercise, but he also helps people solve the emotional problems in their lives. His clients range from 12 years old to 80 years old.

    He said, lately he has been seeing a lot of couples, particularly couples who have just entered retirement. He also sees a lot of other people who are in crisis because of events such as job loss due to the economy.

    "People should take this time and see it as a potential opportunity," he said. "Ask yourself was there something you always wanted to do when you were younger, but never got the time because you were working? While you are out searching for a job, see if you can realise some of those old dreams."

    He said the connection between weight gain and unhappiness may lie in anxious eating.

    "If someone is experiencing a sense of unhappiness or worry and anxiety, the more likely they will eat in alignment with that," he said. "Anxious eating shows up in different ways, maybe by eating a lot of popcorn and chips. There can be a lot of grazing throughout the day. When it comes to liquids, they might be drinking a lot of stimulants like coffee and energy drinks. Sometimes though, there is no tangible reason why people gain weight when they are unhappy."

    But he said not everyone gains weight when they are anxious. Some people lose weight, or experience physical symptoms in other ways such as chest pains or their arm hurts.

    He works with clients to create nutritional and lifestyle adjustments.

    "It is not necessarily focused on the calories," he said. "It is about figuring out where you are at and moving you to a more harmonious place."

    "I want people to know that ultimate health, or whatever people are looking for, is an inside job. Sometimes it is not always about exercise, although that is a huge component. Let's go deeper than that and look at how we are feeling and whether we are doing some activities that are counter-productive to that.

    "All of us have gone through some type of adversity in our lives, but are we going to see it as adversity or are we going to see it as a platform to step up and see the opportunity that comes out of it?"

    Finding happiness

    Here are some ideas for finding the happiness within.

    1. Find a creative outlet. Paint, cook, write, sew, fix up an old motorcycle. Stop worrying about whether you're as talented as other people or whether you've got it exactly right. Do it for you and do it for the fun of it.
    2. Keep a gratitude journal, even if it is just things like I'm glad I have my family or I'm glad I have gas in my car today. Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of how lucky we really are.
    3. Exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can release certain hormones in your brain which help you to feel happy.
    4. Talk your problems out with someone who cares about you.
    5. If you need more inspiration try Barbara Kipfer's book 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. Flannel sheets, dog dishes and cabanas are a few of her suggestions.

  • August Is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center in Bermuda Achieves Prestigious International Certification in Hair Loss Detection, Management and Support

    Media Contact: Winnelle Simons, NMAC Practice Manager, 293-5476,

    Bermuda: Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown successfully completed the Bauman Certified HairCoachMD™ Training Program, which educates medical professionals on how to detect and monitor male and female pattern hair loss, perform hair re-growth treatments, as well as provide patients with actionable information and effective preventative treatment options.

    Since early detection is key to stopping male and female pattern hair loss in its tracks, doctors are often the first line of defense for many men and women. NorthShore Medical & Aestetics Center (NMAC)is proud to announce it is the first medical practice in Bermuda to complete a national training program for early hair loss detection and preventative treatment counseling. Dr. Brown, Medical Director of NMAC recently traveled to Boca Raton, Florida to complete the Bauman Certified HairCoachMD Training Program, led by renowned hair loss pioneer Doctor Alan J. Bauman.

    "The certification program provided me the information and proven treatment protocols needed to better serve my patients," said Dr. K. H. Brown. While it may seem obvious to some people how to detect hair loss, you actually have to spot it well before it becomes visible to the naked eye. What patients don't know is when hair loss becomes visible you would have already lost 50% of your hair volume, making it harder to reverse the process. My staff and I personally underwent training with a new scientific tool called HairCheck that will allow us to track our patients' hair growth and spot problems well before they become noticeable. We also received in-depth information on the latest medical treatments for hair loss, which we'll now be able to share with both new and existing patients in Bermuda."

    The Bauman Certified HairCoachMD program is a intensive hands-on training class that teaches medical professionals how to identify the early signs of hair loss, answer key questions about hair loss and conduct highly accurate hair loss evaluations with the HairCheck trichometer. It is often these first informal questions that lead to the discovery of progressive hair loss while it is still in the early phases, when it can be still be treated, and oftentimes, prevented, delayed and in some cases, even reversed. HairCoachMD graduates also have access to the latest medical and non-medical hair treatments such as low level laser devices, scientifically tested nutritional supplements as well as therapeutic shampoos, hair camouflage and topical products. They can also provide patients with information about more advanced medical treatments for more severe cases.

    The program, which was designed by internationally recognized hair loss expert, Alan J. Bauman, M.D., full-time board-certified hair restoration physician/surgeon who's treated over 15,000 patients and performed over 6,000 surgical procedures since opening his practice in 1997. His pioneering work in hair loss treatments has been featured on NBC Today, ABC Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, NBC Dateline, CNN, The Doctors, New York Times, Newsweek, Men's Health, O – The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Allure, The Howard Stern Show and many more. Bauman is one of a handful of surgeons to be recommended by the American Hair Loss Association, accepted by the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and certified by the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Bauman is also a member of the prestigious Pantene Pro-V Hair Research Institute.

    "Hair loss is a treatable condition," explained Dr. Bauman, "But the earlier the problem is detected and treatment started, the better your chances of keeping your hair. Once hair loss progresses to a certain point, it becomes more difficult and costly to achieve good results." Dr. Brown of the Northshore Medical Center in Bermuda has completed the program and would be following my proven hair restoration protocols, Dr. Bauman concluded.

    Dr. Brown continued, "This added certification compliments my existing practice in General Medicine with a special interest in Dermatology. Recognizing that Dermatology encompasses the hair, nails and skin, these hair restoration protocols are well suited for my clients. Now I would be better able to diagnosis hair loss and offer treatment for hair restoration. Our NorthShore Medical hair restoration pilot program started over 6 months ago, and our test patients two of which are featured below have had excellent hair restoration results."


    What is a HairCheck Consultation?

    A key part of the Bauman Certified HairCoachMD program is the ability to offer HairCheck Consultations to customers. What is HairCheck? HairCheck is a non-invasive way to measure and track the amount of hair growing in a given area of scalp (called your Hair Mass Index or "HairNumber"). The HairCheck device is a very sensitive 'trichometer,' which measures hair caliber and hair density together in a single number. HairCheck can also measure hair breakage – another progressive condition that if left untreated can lead to further damage and hair loss. For consumers interested in having a consultation and/or learning more about our medical hair restoration program you may visit our website at, or contact our office at 441-293-5476



    Developed by renowned hair science expert Alan J. Bauman, M.D., Bauman Certified HairCoachMD is the first program of its kind in the world. Doctors and medical professionals (e.g. R.N.s, D.O.'s, M.D.s and others) are personally trained by Dr. Bauman at his Boca Raton clinic in the latest medical treatment options for hair loss patients including performing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, as well as early detection methods and cross-sectional hair bundle analysis using the patented HairCheck® trichometer.

    Learn more about NMAC

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center (NMAC), Bermuda's premier Medspa, provides Family Medical and Primary Care Dermatological services for men, women and youth as well as TCD Physicals. Along with the existing and highly successful, Weight Loss treatment programme and Aesthetic Services including Body Contouring by Laser Slimming, Ultrasound Slimming and Skin Tightening Treatments, Dr Kyjuan Brown has further enhanced his Practice with the addition of many new services including Microdermabrasion, Hair Restoration, Botox, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair, Spot & Tattoo Removal, and Dermafrac Treatments. Other Aesthetic Procedures include Vein Treatments (Sclerotheraphy), Acne Scar, Skin Tag, Scars & and Keloid Removal and the addition of meditation, massage therapy, and Life and Nutrition Coaching, offered by Board Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Counselor, Preston J Ephraim.

    The newly renovated, wheel-chair accessible location with ample parking features a spacious waiting room, ergonomically designed with relaxing mood lighting, comfortable seating, additional patient rooms, new high-end medical equipment and private patient reception and consultation areas and exits. The soothing color palette is complimented by a natural stone water wall which provides added tranquility. Natural teas and healthy and refreshing fruit-infused water are also provided complimentary.
    To learn more about NMAC visit

  • July 18, 2014: Dr Kyjuan Brown shares Beauty & Skin Health.

    secrets with Miss Bermuda 2014 Pageant Winner Lillian Lightbourn

    Devonshire, Bermuda: On July 18, 2014 Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center (NMAC)welcomed Miss Bermuda 2014 Pageant Winner Lillian Lightbourn and had the pleasure of presenting her with her prize of a $1,000 Gift Certificate for Aesthetic services at their MedSpa, as well as a 1-year supply of Dermalogica skin care products.



  • Published: Bermuda Bliss - Summer 2014 Editio.

    Dr Brown feature in newest Bermuda Magazine sensation

    Dr Brown featured in the newest magazine in Bermuda for being a success entrepreneur. He is on pages 8-10 for screenshots.

  • Published: The Royal Gazette - June 9, 2014

    Pageant Contestants Visit Aesthetics Center

    Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center recently hosted the Miss Bermuda Pageant contestants to kick off their month-long campaign on Acne Awareness with the theme "The Emotional Truth about Acne."

    A spokesperson said, "Dr. Kyjuan Brown, a general practitioner with a special interest in dermatology, welcomed the girls and spoke to them about acne and its treatments. All of the young ladies commented that they have or currently suffer from the condition, which affects almost 85 percent of people around the world.

    "Dr. Brown highlighted the emotional effects of acne, which include, but are not limited to lack of self-confidence, depression, anxiety, and in the worst cases, even suicidal ideations. Dr. Brown spoke about a young lady who he had treated in his clinic who was severely emotionally affected by her skin condition. She was doing poorly in school, and isolated herself socially."


  • Published: The Royal Gazette - Jun 2, 2014

    Photos: Barber shop becomes a hub for health and fitness

    A vision of bringing Bermuda's men together in the interest of health became a reality on Saturday.

    Ricky Spence, owner of Spence's Barber Shop in Pembroke, hosted 'Ricky's Health Day', which attracted more than 200 people.

    Many of those who attended took advantage of the free health screenings on offer [presented by NorthShore Medical Center], which was the main theme of the event held in and around Mr Spence's Glebe Road business.

    The barber was inspired to promote men's health after a childhood friend died last summer from an illness that could have been treated if detected earlier.


  • Published - Bernews Online On October 19th, 2013

    (Photos/Video: Dr. Kyjuan Brown's Open House)

    Dr. Kyjuan Brown and the aestheticians and medical staff of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre hosted an Open House this Saturday [Oct 19] at the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

    Visitors were treated to guided tours throughout the facility with staff explaining the different services and products available from the Medical centre. Receptionists were kept busy with enquiries and appointment bookings from interested future clients.


    Registration Forms are available at Sportseller, in Washington Mall and Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center and must be returned no later than 4:30 pm, 5 December. Online Registration can be made at no later than 5pm, 5 December

    Number pick-up and late entries will be at NMAC on Saturday 6 December from 10am to 1pm.

  • Published: The Royal Gazette - April 30th, 2013

    Using lasers to zap the fat

    Ever wish you could just lie down and magically have the fat cells in your body go away?

    Wish you could use the power of your mind and thoughts to simply pop them? Well it looks like science is almost there with a technique called laser lipo.

    "It's the latest technology, " said physician Kyjuan Brown, of Hope Healthcare, on Woodbourne Avenue, Pembroke.

    There's no surgery involved. It works through something called bio-stimulation where only the fat cells are stimulated. This happens with a special laser, that punches holes into the fat cells and gets them to release their contents into the blood stream.

  • Published: Bernews Online - Dec 23th, 2013

    Free Christmas Lunch At Grace Methodist Church

    Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center in partnership with Grace Methodist Church will be holding a free Christmas lunch for families in need at Grace Methodist Church on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

    The lunch will be held on Christmas Day from 12:00pm to 2.00pm, and is available on an eat-in or take-out basis. You can RSVP to either 595-0527, 747-8027 or 735-8166.


Video: Dr. Kyjuan Brown Performs Botox Injection

October 24, 2013 | 6 Comments

Dr. Brown and the staff of Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre hosted an Open House this past weekend [Oct 19] at the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre in Devonshire, taking the time to speak with Bernews about the facility's goals and services in the meantime.

During the event, Dr. Brown offered visitors a presentation on botox treatments and their ability to reduce fine lines and other effects of aging. In order to demostrate the absolute ease with which a botox treatment can be administered, the doctor performed the procedure live in front of the audience:

According to the website of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, botox is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. They said, "It's the same toxin that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. Doctors use it in small doses to treat health problems, including:


Temporary removal of facial wrinkles

Severe underarm sweating

Cervical dystonia – a neurological disorder that causes severe neck and shoulder muscle contractions

Blepharospasm – uncontrollable blinking

Strabismus – misaligned eyes


You can view a photo gallery of the Open House here.