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"Changed my Life!"

From Acne Suffering to SpaMedica Solution

Hi everyone! My name is Siobhan. I’m 20 years old and have been suffering with severe acne since I was 12.

When I was younger, especially in middle school I used to get teased all the time because my skin was constantly breaking out, strangers have even asked me if I had a skin problem and tried to recommend products for me to use - these things really effected my self confidence.

Everyone told me “its just a phase it will go away when your an adult.” Well I’m an adult now and I still have bad breakouts.

During the last eight years I have tried SO MANY different treatments to try and decrease my acne - from Clean and Clear to Neutrogena to Xo Medical to Osea to Laser Therapy’s to Circadia to CeraVe to Duac Gel to Cetaphil…the list goes on and on! I even made a permanent change to my diet but that didn’t really do anything either.

When I was 16 I was put on a low does of RoAccutane for five months - and it worked! After a few months my acne actually went away, I started to take pictures again and finally started to gain back my self confidence. However I forgot that Roaccutane is not a permanent medication and after the five months I was taken off Roaccutane. In a year and a half my acne started to come back.

From the age of 18 I decided to just live with my acne, I decided there was no treatment that would help me. These last two years I have refused to take pictures because I hated how acne and acne scars have effected my body.

In July of 2022 my mom came across NorthShore Medical and convinced me to have another go to seek help with my acne.

On August 1st, 2022 I had my first consultation with Dr.Brown. He gave me lots of advice and some Dermalogica products to start me off and explained everything in detail. He also suggested that I go see the Medical Aesthetician, Cherrece, the next day for a Microdermabrasion. Cherrece was awesome. When she gave me my microderm, she made me feel at ease and explained everything step by step and all the products she was going to use.

After my first microderm, my skin already started to look and feel better, because it got rid of a lot of the dead skin I had been carrying for years! During the first week I even received compliments that my skin is starting to look better!

What I love about NorthShore Medical is that it aims to help all skin tones - especially people of color! I think that is what a lot of my past treatments have lacked.

I have a bit of a ways to go on my skin journey but I have the upmost confidence in the NorthShore Medical team to help me reach my skincare goals. I plan on documenting my journey.

I hope this testimony and video help others know that there is help out there, it might take a little time (it has taken me eight years) but never give up on yourself because you deserve to feel confident in your own skin!

By Siobhan Jones


I want to thank Sheri for working with me to restore my hair; I felt like I had lost my confidence prior to working with Sheri. I started to lose my hair through menopause. I was getting so embarrassed by how thin my hair was in the centre. I tried everything at home to stop it, but nothing worked. I saw Doctor Brown demonstrate hair growth at a natural hair show and decided to put my trust in Dr. Brown and the Northshore Medical Centre. It turned out to be the right choice; Doctor Brown provided advice and products that did stop my hair loss over a period of time, which gave me back my self-esteem. However, the real success of my hair growth started when Sheri started to work at Salon B at the Northshore Medical Centre. In consultation with Sheri, I agreed to enter into a hair growth programme with her for a year; within that year, the thickness of my hair returned, and my hair has not stopped growing. The programme and the products have really made a difference. Sheri is a stylist and a trichologist; she has taught me how to manage my natural hair and style it in ways that will continue to keep it healthy; I have gone from someone who continued to cover their hair up to someone who now enjoys their natural hair. To anyone who is contemplating any treatment with Sheri, my advice would be to do it. I have had excellent results.

By Debbie Reid (2021)

Dr Flood, I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions . Top class.
I was taken away how you clearly explained my problem areas. Very much detailed. Something I’ve never experienced before. Great personality you have. Looking forward to seeing you again soon

By Lelette Wears

Sheri at Salon B is the BEST Hairstylist!
I would recommend Sheri Burgess, Hair Stylist and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner to anyone. She is very professional, attentive to the needs of her clients and knows what she is doing! On Thursday my hair and scalp just didn’t feel wonderful. I had no desire to do anything to it myself. She fit me in and even came in a little early just for me. Days later my hair and scalp are just feeling the love. Let’s be honest when your hair looks and feels great, that’s a good start to any day. Thanks Sheri!!

Shout out to Salon B - Northshore Medical Center

By Talitha Davis

They continue with their great services to the community, feel as though they shall know that they are much appreciated

By Kai Young

I love my NorthShore medical family!! They take any means necessary to ensure better health for all!!

By Jade Richardson

NMAC is family oriented and caring, they saved my life!
Good day Dr. Kyjuan Brown. I would like to thank The Northshore Medical and Support Staff for their quick and efficient response to my medical needs recently. Your quick efforts and emergency response saved my life, from what I only thought was only mild symptoms and doctors visit. I experienced First Class Service and was AMAZED by The Team Work of your staff. Efforts such as this makes NMAC my #1 choice for a medical service provider in Bermuda.

By Kenneth Leroy 'Pop' Simmons, Jr.

Before starting the program I was really upset with my weight as it was my heaviest. I was often very sleepy, had a difficult time breating and had to keep stopping to catch my breath. I was thinking about my health and figured it was time to lose weight.

Two weeks after starting the program i started walking faster, my breating and asthma improved and i was able to wear smaller size clothing.

The B-Lean Club has taught me a lot. Most importantly, how to eat healthier and what foods cause my weight gain.

I've come a long way. To get positive comments about my new weight feels good. This program has changed my mindset and made me more health conscious. I am very thankful and Health Coach Alex has been excellent! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made it this far.

by Eugenia

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for sponsoring the Turkey Trot last weekend. I had a wonderful time in spite of the rain. It was very kind of you to support the community with a healthy, fun activity and to welcome all of us wet runners and walkers so graciously. Thank you for the turkey for a prize as well; my whole family is looking forward to enjoying it. Have a wonderful holiday.

by Rebecca Perry, December 14 2015

NMAC team have been fantastic with and for me! I entered their weight loss program some months ago and have been very successful with it! The team have been right there for and with me every step of the way and I'm so very grateful. I now weight much less, look and feel good and I'm a much happier person as a result! Thanks Team NMAC!!!

by Anonymous November 10, 2015

Very welcoming and warm staff. All my questions are thoroughly answered and some. You all make me feel like family. I always enjoy my visits.

by Axel Smith November 10, 2015

The initial walk-in with Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center was very welcoming. The staff was very warm and friendly. Everyone one of the staff that walked across greeted me and a couple others seated in the waiting area with the traditional Bermuda 'good morning' and a smile. It really didn't feel like a doctor's office. My appointment was with Dr. Stanley James. Dr. James' 'assistant' (unsure of her actual title or name) took all my information as to why I was visiting them. I found her to be - as well as the other staff - very professional. When Dr. James came in the room he made me feel very comfortable. He ensured that me that I was in good hands and that we would get to the bottom of what was going on. This relaxed the tense, worried me. Thanks to Dr. James and all the staff for their professionalism and welcoming environment!

by Anonymous November 10, 2015

I am very pleased in which all employees treat the patients with the upmost respect. Dr. Browne and Dr. James are excellent doctors. Alex is doing an excellent job with the diet program and been very uplifting and helpful. Keep up the good work everyone. I appreciate you all.

by Pamela Trott November 10, 2015

Excellent, very professional, a great place to be at.

by Paulette Simons November 10, 2015

"Today is Ms. Stephanie DeSilva's 74th birthday. She shared that it was her first facial ever. She had an "Age Management Microzone' and said it was very relaxing and enjoyable. She was also interested in a good moisturizer and asked for samples, stating that she will definitely be back. Fellow staff member Yukio took the photo and then we sang Happy Birthday to her which made her very pleased."

by Cherrece (NMAC Aesthetician) on 09-sep-2015

I have enjoyed my session with Dr. Amani Flood, to have a naturopathic Dr. Here in Bermuda is very important, we have so many people here that want to use only natural healing. I am truly pleased. It was very difficult at first to keep to the scheduled but I am doing well. Thank you Dr. Amani Flood may God bless you in your work.

by Joycelyn Richardson on 19-jun-2015

I haven't been to see a Dr in about 5 years.Today I needed one so I drove from my home in St Davids to the facility. I had no appointment but I was seen right away. They were so thorough and pleasant.I got cold once I put in the gown and Mr Alex bought me a blanket (still speechless about that).I wanted to stay just for the experience. I truly felt as if I was the only patient and I was just a walk in.Another bonus...they have a homeopathic doctor on staff!!

by Sanya Hill on 18-jun-2015

I recently enjoyed a face mapping and micro-dermabrasion which was professionally done by D. Symonds at North Shore Medical. Ms. Symonds explained each step of the procedure and ensured my comfort throughout. She also advised beforehand of her intention to recommend products I might be interested in purchasing. I left with leaflets and a timeline for the next appointment if I wanted. The whole experience was relaxed and stress-free. Ms. Symonds was pleasant, answered questions I put to her and I left with a clear understanding of my treatment and follow up. As a result of this, I confidently recommended her to a potential customer.

by Eyes Queen on 6-Jun-2015

The day I was sworn into Parliament, I was stuck with unbearable pain in my face and rushed to the emergency room. I was soon diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia by Dr. Kyjuan Brown and received treatment. Because it was caught early, I've had good results with the Meds and I've been able to go off my medication for nearly two months without a hint of pain. I'm thankful for all the support and prayers I've received and particularly thankful to Dr. Kyjuan Brown.

by Jamahl S. Simmons, JP, MP on 6-Jun-2015

My experience with the HCG Weight-Loss program began with me wanting to lose weight, and to control my type 2 diabetes as I have never had any long term success with numerous weight loss programs. After the initial consultation I went home and had second thoughts on whether I really wanted to do this. My initial thoughts were negative "I cannot survive without milk chocolate and white flour." A few months later after weighing my pros and cons I returned to start the program. I started the first day of the program with prayer, and each day, with passion and motivation I looked forward to the following day. I have now developed self-discipline and a special relationship with food and have learned how to making smart choices in eating and how to use alternative ingredients in preparing my favourite meals. The program is medically supervised, so if you are passionate about improving your health and want to change, this is definitely the right program for you. Be encouraged and take the first step forward. It's worth the time, money and energy. HCG is not a short-term fix, it's a daily way of life, when I think back to how and what I used to eat I realize that it was not a sustainable way of eating because I ate whatever and whenever I wanted. Today I enjoy shopping for and preparing healthy tasting food. My blood sugars have decreased tremendously. I would recommend the HCG Weight- loss Program to anyone who would like to: • get healthy • improve or change their eating habits • lose weight This is an amazing program 'Hats off 'to Dr. Brown and staff

by ANONYMOUS on 10-Mar-2014

So, I have waited in silence for this moment and it has arrived. I am now, unapologetically, 100 Ibs. Lighter! By God's grace, I vow and pledge to myself that i shall NEVER be a member of the 300 Ibs. Club again. Thank You God, Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Aunt Patricia, My loves (you know who you are) and all you haters who fueled my desire to prove you wrong! I want to see all of you in Heaven! God Bless!

by Sophia Iris

I will not tell a lie. smile:-) The HCG Diet was a challenge for me. However the support and encouragement from the medical team certainly helped me through. And the results were phenomenal! I lost more than I expected and have been able to maintain the weight loss thus far. I still have a few more pounds to loose and I am truly considering doing the program again. Thank you Team I am your success.

by Tia on 26-Jan-2014

I have been struggling with weight loss and decided to contact Dr. Brown regarding his weight loss programme. I started this just after Christmas last year and at the end of 40 days had lost 30lbs. The programme is fantastic and very easy to follow and the most wonderful thing is that I have kept the majority of it off for almost a year. I will be doing this again next year. Also, the people are so friendly and helpful. To add to this, I tried their Lazer Lipo and could see results immediately. I would recommend any of Dr. Brown's programmes.

by Corinne Frith on 30-Dec-2013

Very caring doctor!

by Cp on 02-Dec-2013

It works!!! I just want to say the whole experience was wonderful. The staff are very helpful. I was nervous about starting the program, not sure of the outcome but everything about this program is true. I started the program for 23 days and when I saw the results I instantly changed to continue the whole program. At first I thought that I would be a challenge but I wanted this to work and it did. I lost 29 pounds in 40 days. It changed me knowing what to put into my body, how to read labels, how to prepare my meals properly and many other things. If you are skeptical about this program trust me it WORKS!! I would like to thank all the staff at North Shore Medical and I can't wait to go onto my next program.

by AC on 01-Nov-2013

Before trying the HCG diet I had done a diet before this one which I thought was going to be my last. Well, I did a consultation with Dr. Brown and he will tell you that I was a "right royal mess" (smile) I was so nervous about becoming a failure and so upset over personal issues that I was SURE that I couldn't do this diet. It's been almost 4 months and I am maintaining my weight nicely. I feel so good about myself it is unbelievable. My confidence has come back and I am determined to continue until I reach my goal weight. I recommend the HCG diet because you are not using artificial products, shakes etc. You eat real food. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

by Anonymous on 17-Oct-2013

I've never been one for diets, but when I got to the point where I was truly sick and tired, literally, I read an ad for Northshore Medical. I went in for a consultation. After talking about wants and don't wants, Dr. Brown suggested the HCG diet. Why not? Now 18-20 pounds lighter, I feel great. About myself and planning n losing more. The recipes are great. I even got to feeding my family what I was eating. Technically I decided that instead of cooking two meals! I just cooked for me and added a starch for them and I was great. I'm currently in phase 2. A bit more challenging to maintain, but the daily weighing is helpful. I am maintaining, finding great recipes in books I downloaded...books with recipes for the HCG diet and I am feeling great. I'm not at my goal yet, but I will be. Plus I feel healthy. I look good. I have no sagging skin, the only thing sagging on me, are my clothes.

by E. Davis on 13-Oct-2013

I have been on every weight loss program known to men. When I saw this program in the news paper, I was like not another scam. However, I called and came in for a consultation and was sold. I lost 24.6 lbs in 40 days and its 8 months since my last injection and I have maintained my weight. This is an excellent program, and they teach you so much about how to eat as well as what to do on days when you happen to over eat. Dr. Brown always said "No food taste as good as skinny feels"", and this statement has never been so true. I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK AND FEEL, and like HELL am I going to EAT my way back to 235lbs! I look forward to my next cycle as my ideal weight is 185lbs.

by K James on 28-Sep-2013

Thank you to Dr. Kyjuan Brown and everyone who has supported me on my weight loss journey.

by Jamahl S. Simmons , JP, MP