5 Products to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage


Not all sunscreens are created equal. Whether you’re lounging around the pool, going for a morning jog or just running errands, there’s a sun cream designed to suit your specific needs and skin type. Best part? They’re all available at Northshore Medical and Aesthetic Center.


Protection 50 Sport - SPF 50
For over-exposed skin

You can’t avoid the sun in the summer in Bermuda, especially while you’re playing sports. So do yourself a favour and protect your skin from UV light with this sheer SPF 50 sunscreen. Lightweight and non-greasy, this cream was designed specifically for athletes, to bind moisture to the skin so your face, neck, and anywhere else you apply, will stay hydrated before, during and after the game.


Prisma Protect - SPF 30
For lack-lustre skin

Forget those thick sun creams that leave a white residue long after you’ve applied. This light-activated multitasking moisturiser defends against free radical damage and pollution. Activated by visible light to help boost your skin’s natural luminosity, this moisturiser provides broad spectrum protection to prevent future signs of skin damage.


Oil Free Matte - SPF 30
For acne-prone skin

Looking for a broad spectrum sunscreen that doesn’t cause breakouts? This lightweight, ultra-sheer formula helps prevent shine and skin ageing on oily, breakout-prone skin. Containing an advanced blend of Zinc, Gluconate, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Biotin and Yeast Extract, this cream absorbs oil, helping you maintain an all-day matte finish without the powdery residue.


Dynamic Skin Recovery - SPF 50
For ageing skin

If you’re looking to combat the appearance of skin ageing, this broad spectrum sunscreen is for you. With antioxidant rich white tea, this moisturiser provides long lasting hydration and critical protection against UV light. It also blends smoothly over skin, meaning you can wear it year round to protect your skin, no matter the weather.


Super Sensitive Shield - SPF 30
For sensitive skin

Ideal for sensitive, reactive or recently resurfaced skin, this sunscreen contains natural minerals to help shield against photo damage and UV exposure. Made with an exclusive UltraCalmingTM Complex, containing oat and botanical actives, this cream will help minimise discomfort, burning and itching and provide optimal hydration.


*All products are available at the Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre, upstairs at Salon B.