...now let's hear from a few of our staff!

It is my esteemed pleasure to have worked with such talented and passionate individuals over the past 8 years since I had the vision to open a MedSpa that Bermudians and Bermuda residents can be proud of. A holistic, all inclusive Medical Center and Spa Aesthetics center that our patients can feel at home with ample parking, great customer service and affordable pricing. We are all about convenience here at NMAC! We have expanded to include VIP mobile concierge services, a testing center, and Salon B hair & Scalp Clinic. We have great things on the horizon to better serve you and I thank you for your continued support for NMAC.

To all my staff, thank you for operating in a spirit of excellence!

Dr. Kyjuan H. Brown
Medical Director, Founder


I started at Northshore Medical 6 years ago fresh out of school and I still love working here. A high level of professional is the absolute standard, and the friendliness and camaraderie among staff makes for a very pleasant and enjoyableworkday. Believeme,wehavealotof fun together, and this makes it easy to help one anotheroutwheneverwe'reneeded. AtNorthshoreMedicaldelivering excellent patient care is the goal every day. It feels good to be a part of a team like that!

Dr. Amani Flood, NMD
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


I love NMAC! I love how unique and cutting- edge NMAC is. We are non-traditional and traditional at the same time. Our NMAC doctors, we are all doctors but we have studied in totally different places. For me, I grew up in the southern Caribbean, went to school in a communist country, and practicedintheislands.Thenthere's Dr.Jeffwhohasworkedin Europe and Australia. Then Dr. Kyjuan went to school in the U.S. and an offshore U.S. medical school, practiced in England and the Caribbean. Also, we can't forget Dr. Amani, who has her different naturopathic background.

So our backgrounds and experiences are different but then it makes it so good because we are all so different but love medicine and want the same result. We want our patients to be the best versions of themselves and to be empowered healthwise. It's such a unique medical office. It just makes everything so bright and interesting. Very eclectic! Never a dull day at NMAC!

Dr. Paula Estwick
General Practice


Wow it has been 8 years already since Dr. Kyjuan Brown had the vision to start NMAC! I am so excited that I was part of the BIG launch and vision for this great MedSpa 8 years ago when we did the logo, website and all the marketing. 8 years later, NMAC is top in its field , customer service and VIP services 2nd to none. I love that we are community oriented and patient/client focused. The encouraging reviews we get from clients daily inspire us. Well done NAMC staff, partners, vendors, and clients/patients for your continued support!

Kennette J. Burgess, MBA
Marketing Director (Consultant)


Northshore - I’m a traditionally British trained GP, and normally I work in a team of similarly trained professionals with similar backgrounds and opinions. What I love about Northshore is that we have such a varied team, with a variety of approaches to the same problem. I am constantly learning, being challenged and able to contribute to a team whose varied skills synergies to offer patients choice as to how they want to approach their health challenges. It’s a respectful and inclusive team made up of health care physicians that each bring their own unique approach to the table to offer truly holistic prevention and management. And we have a lot of fun along the way!

Dr. Jeff MacLeod
General Practitioner / Sports Medicine


It is a pleasure to be working along side Dr. Brown daily. I applaud him for being a visionaryofSalonB's Hair&ScalpClinic. Alwaysshowinghis dedicationinhelping people with their Hair Loss and Scalp issues. I sincerely appreciate coming into work each day knowing I contribute to making a difference in someone's life. Here at NMAC, we strive for the upmost in daily goals, customer care service, professionalism and higher education. From management to the first person that is greeted at our doors, our aim is to accommodate. We work as a close-nitteam togivethepatientthebestcareatthis"One StopShop"facility. "YouarebeyondcompareDr.Brown!"Thank you very much!

Sheri J. Burgess
Certified Hair Loss Practitioner & Hair Stylist