It is now clear that obesity, and in particular morbid obesity, is the highest risk factor for a poor outcome with covid-19 disease.

Obesity is defined as a BMI between 30-40, and morbid obesity is 40 and above. BMI refers to the ratio of your height to weight. Morbid obesity simply means that your excess weight is now affecting your lifespan. This means that with covid infections increasing, there’s nothing more important you can do to stay safe than to resolve your chronic health conditions. It’s time to LOSE WEIGHT, reduce your BLOOD PRESSURE, lower your GLUCOSE and manage anything else your doctor is monitoring.

At Northshore Medical we offer a variety of WEIGHT LOSS PLANS so you can choose one that best suits your food preferences and lifestyle choices. Come in for a free BMI evaluation and learn how easy it can be to achieve your weight goal!

Weight Loss Plans include:

HcG hormonal diet

Ketogenic low carb diet

Weight Loss the Natural Way! Healthy eating for life

Plant based, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, pescatarian, pollotarian

Raw Food Diet

Mediterranean Diet