Give the Gift of Health for Christmas

Do you want a unique gift for your loved ones this year? Give the gift of better health! Here’s how. Prepare them healthy meals made from whole, natural food. Reduce the sugar in dessert recipes.

Learn plant-based cooking and introduce meatless meals. Model a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight and keeping active.

Spend time with friends outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Turn off the TV and read more at home. Send kids to bed early. Encourage everyone to drink more water. Remind men to visit their healthcare providers and follow instructions so they don’t suffer needlessly from neglecting their health. Don’t forget about you!

Take care of your own health so you’ll be around to take care of others. Good health is a gift that lasts a lifetime! Click here for more tips on how to create better health.

Dr. Amani Flood, N.D.

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