Let's welcome Dr. Dale to Bermuda


Here are my favourite health topics:

  1. Getting Stopped up (yes poo) - come for your Colonic
  2. Counting Sheep all Night long – let’s sort out your bad sleep habits
  3. Not Getting the Lovin’ we deserve – let’s determine what is the root of your problem

Just to start: Here are a few things I am loving already about Bermuda & Bermudians:

  1. Your love of tinned milk! (no sugar please!) This is just like home.
  2. Your chatty ways (we could spend hours shootin-the-breeze in our sessions)
  3. The Wahoo! Your (sustainably-fished) local fish. Already I have tried RockFish, Tuna and Wahoo. (And I have had a chance to say hello to your Parrot Fish at Tobacco Bay)

Seriously though...

There are a few things that keep coming up in our sessions….And they are so fun to talk about! Yes, getting stopped up; disturbed sleep and a lack of loving with our significant other.

You all love the days of the Loquat season – and great because that fruit keeps you regular. And, not using the toilet can create all sorts of problems in our bodies. Need a visual: think about that day after Bermuda Hero's Weekend, when everyone put out their trash, but the pick up was a day late. That "trash" sitting in your belly for days on end is getting toxic and smelly. We need to let go of all of that. When you are stopped up, you will:

  • reabsorb the toxins that your liver worked so hard to get rid of
  • Hold onto the sugars you are wanting to release.
  • Keep all your stress factors inside (work, life and family)...

And we all know what happens when we don't "let it go".

  • More arguments
  • Resentment
  • Bad smells

So, my friend. What are you not letting go of??? Come for a colon hydrotherapy treatment and we can talk all about it.

So you are up counting sheep all night, eh? ("eh?" is my Canadian expression for the day). Let's put those sheep to sleep. Some of the reasons might be your:

  • Stress levels (let's test those levels - they might be affecting our loving- see below)
  • tobacco smoking, and
  • excess weight on our bodies

But, there are also bad sleep habits and a ton of pressure to sleep like a baby (Hey, when my yougins were babies, there were many wake ups in the night!). Let's aim for our best sleep possible. [Get a sleep makeover with Dr. Dale and Dr. Morris]

Use it or lose it. You heard that one before? Are you feeling like the machinery down-there hasn't been operating like it once did?

Let's talk about it, no judgment here. I just want to help.

Sometimes you need a hormone checkup to see what is out of balance. And to bring yourself back into balance you can use:

  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Foods, herbs and vitamins and
  • Bio-identical hormones and injections to get the machinery back in shape.
  • HONEST conversation

You need to feel comfortable with your loved one to ask for want and need to keep things spicy in your love life. You deserve love and attention. You deserve to feel good naked. You deserve to share that time with your special people.

What do you have to lose? You are only to gain with us.

When you shut down and stop being active with your loved ones, your messengers slow down. Those messengers give you the "Joie de Vivre" (more Canadian stuff); stimulating you to:

  • Be active with your loved ones
  • Seek adventure and fun outside of your TV screens & iPhones & Video Games
  • Enjoy life

Listen, my patient showed me a photo of her 93 year-old mother dancing in the streets. So, come to the clinic. Let's talk. Let's find the root causes.

Keep moving, keep talking and keep loving . It is all possible.

Let go
Rest easy, and
Create love
Dr Katherine Dale

Certified Naturopathic Doctor
Northshore Medical Center