Dr. Amani Flood's Naturopathic Medicine Week Deals & Tips


Join us for Naturopathic Medicine Week with Dr. Amani Flood

Our very own Dr. Amani Flood, NMD has launched the national Naturopathic Medicine Week also at NMAC so her patients can be informed about the benefits of natural medicine. The first 3 days have been amazing, a wealth of information, product suggestions and deals for us so be sure to watch the video(s) on YouTube or Facebook to see what you have missed. Plus, stay tuned to Facebook for the rest of the week's releases and updates from Dr Flood.

DEALS!! Call to order or visit today and get 10% off once you buy any 3 nutritional supplements* including a multivitamin which is your foundational supplement.
*Valid on all nutritional supplements, except the Dr. Brown's Laboratory branded products.

For any professionals or students interested in natural medicine as a profession, listen to today's Day 3 video on the process to become a certified Naturopathic doctor.


...and we are back for Day 5 of Naturopathic Medicine Week!

We took a rest yesterday from videos because Dr. Flood wanted to remind everyone that it is important that our bodies get a well deserved rest so we can operate in our full capacity.

What do diet, water, staying active and annual physicals have in common?

Watch this video of Dr. Amani Flood's 5 Important Tips for a healthy lifestyle....




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