Falling asleep at the wheel? Find yourself sleeping in the bathtub? Can’t stay awake on the job? Up all night, tossing and turning?

Dr. Amani Flood Discusses the Importance of Sleep during National Sleep Awareness in March!

Dr. Amani Flood is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor providing Naturopathic Primary Care. In addition to all the other services she specializes in from natural weight loss, Cancer Support, Anti-Aging, and Prostate and ED Support, to Nutrition, Hydrotherapy and Acupuncture, she also wants her patients to know the importance of sleep to their holistic lifestyle.

Dr Flood explains that “People suffer from insomnia for a variety of different reasons or a combination of reasons. It's best to have a personal assessment of insomnia to find the best way to address it for each individual.”

Here are her top tips for sleep control:

Get Assessed. Book your appointment with her today so she can a do a personal assessment of insomnia to find the best way to address your specific condition.

Get Tested. She can test for sleep/wake hormone balance and brain neurotransmitters that impact sleep.

Get Supplements. When you come in she will discuss the best supplements to help with your sleep, you can see these supplements in our March newsletter.

Dr. Flood explains that during her in patient assessments, “I also discuss "sleep hygiene" with patients which includes valuable information on the physiology of sleep, and I give patients tips and tricks for how to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. And we can refer people for a "sleepover" sleep study if it is indicated that they may have sleep apnea, obstructive snoring, or neurological reasons why they cannot fall or stay asleep.”

You can book your appointment with Dr Flood to discuss the above or any naturopathic needs by calling us at 293-5476 or emailing

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