Laser - Cap

What is LaserCap?

LaserCap is a portable, hands-free, cordless and rechargeable low level laser therapy device designed to deliver laser therapy to the scalp in a convenient and discreet way. LaserCap is a breakthrough device that may render hand-held lasers obsolete.


How does LaserCap compare to in-office clinical laser therapy units?

LaserCap contains 224 individual laser diodes which each emit 5mW of power at a wavelength of 650nm. The LaserCap provides more laser energy per minute than existing clinical in-office) laser devices at the exact same wavelength.


How does LaserCap compare to hand-held laser therapy units?

LaserCap provides a completely hands-free treatment to the scalp, allowing the user to freely roam and do other activities, if desired, while the treatment is underway. LaserCap is sized to fit within most hats, but it can also be hidden under a scarf or bandana or used without a hat.

laser cap

How do I use LaserCap?

Recommended treatment with the LaserCap is thirty (30) minutes, every other day. Please refer to the Operations Manual for instructions on charging, storage, maintenance and troubleshooting.


Is LaserCap safe?

LaserCap meets or exceeds all federal safety and manufacturing standards. As a Class 3R laser, the LaserCap is considered safe when used as directed. Laser therapy is a 100% painless treatment that has absolutely no side-effects.


How does Laser Therapy work?

Laser therapy is the use of visible wavelengths of light (e.g. 'red') which have a biological effect on cells. It is known that wavelenghts of light produced by the diodes of the LaserCap are associated with an increase of energy production within the cells and which may be the primary mechanism for helping patients hair follicles produce thicker, healthier looking hair.


Can I use LaserCap in conjunction with Propecia, Minoxidil or other treatments?

Laser Therapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment regimen or in conjunction with FDA-approved medications. Laser Therapy has also been show the accelerate healing and decrease discomfort after hair transplant surgery.


Where can I get a LaserCap?

LaserCap is available from the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center.


Am I a good candidate for LaserCap?

Because hair loss and hair thinning are medical conditions that may be influenced by many factors, including heredity, medications, illness, stress, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. and may get worse with time, Dr. Brown recommends that all patients have a thorough medical consultation before initiating any hair restoration regimen. Baseline evaluations, tracking measurements and standardized medical photos are critical to provide an objective measurement of your progress.