Ultrasound Slimming

Technological advances have made it possible to use low-frequency ultrasound for localized fat reduction in such areas as love handles, abdominal pouch, back fat and jowls just name a few.


Ultrasound gives you a safe low cost high tech non surgical option for your body shape goals. Ultrasound Cavitation is an alternative to liposuction.


How Does It Work

The adipose tissue is specialized in storing energy as fat. It is primarily composed by the lipocytes also known as fat cells. The technique uses low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound waves are conducted through the skin, penetrate directly into the adipose tissue and break it up into small pieces causing micro-bubbles which turn fat into a liquid substance (this phenomena is called "cavitation"). The liquid is then easily vacuumed out from the body using the lymphatic and urinary system.

When you work out, you have to wait until half an hour for the cavitation to happen, with Ultrasound, it is reached from the first minute of treatment.

Finally, it requires under no circumstances surgery or anesthesia.


How many sessions would I need?

A typical session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes ( 20 minutes of effective ultrasound) depending on the patient and the area treated.

The interval between each session is on average a week.

A total of 3 to 8 sessions on average are necessary in order to achieve the desired results depending on the area treated and the patient.


The Advantage of Ultrasound Slimming

Non invasive treatment

No need for hospitalization nor anesthesia

No scars nor long term marking of the skin

Very little discomfort

Elimination of the fat through a natural process

30 min per session (20 min of effective ultrasound)



Who should not undergo this treatment?

You will NOT be able to start the treatment if any of the below apply:

During menstruation (apply only to abdomen)

Skin infections and diseases

Acute fever

Any other chronic diseases

Heart diseases or pacemakers

Autoimmune diseases, HIV or AIDS

Allergy to applied materials (eg. ceramic)

Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems

Cancer any form any time

Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, thyroid, cancer, epilepsy

Hemorrhagic disease, trauma, vascular rupture

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Infectious diseases

Inflammation of the veins, phlebitis

Intrauterine device avoid abdomen

Liver or kidney disease

Wounds, sores

Under 18